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Drive-through Farewell for Intern Pr. Taran following worship this Sunday, 08.16.20

As part of the live stream of worship on Taran's final Sunday service this weekend, we will include a farewell recognition and liturgy. Taran will preach his swan song sermon that day. You don't want to miss it at 10:00a. The farewell portion of the service will include a message from his internship committee, reflections from Pr. Peter, some words from Taran, and a sending prayer and benediction. (direct link to the service »

After the live stream is over, there will be a first-ever drive-through farewell celebration at the Hazel Dell campus parking lot from 11:30a-1:00p. Participants will enter by way of the NW 9TH street parking lot entrance and exit by the driveway nearest the front door breezeway on NW 94th Street. Stop by any time during this "open house" drive through parade. Taran and Curyn will be outside to greet you from a farewell station in the west lot. There will also be a receptacle for cards at his farewell station stop. It will be your moment to see him face-to-face and express your gratitude for his time here.

Thank you for making this day extra special for Taran and Curyn.

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