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Drive-thru Communion opportunity this Sunday, 09.20.20 ... and so much more.

Drive-thru will begin at approximately 10:45a  

Messiah's pastoral team and staff members are offering the option of drive-thru Communion and a whole lot more at the Hazel Dell campus this Sunday, September 20. As the live stream of worship ends, they invite everyone who would like:

- an in-person Holy Communion experience
- the opportunity to meet Intern Pastor Maggie and receive a prayer and benediction from her
- to take a look at the new Jubilee Collective van, and,
- in advance of St. Francis of Assisi Day, receive a pet blessing for any pets you bring with you

All aspects of the experience will be socially-distanced, of course. We anticipate the drive-thru running from 10:45-11:45a.

Enter the parking lot by way of the northeast entrance on 94th St., the driveway nearest the office wing and NE gym doors. From there, you'll make your way around the building with a variety of stopping stations along the way.

Middle and High School Students' Swag Bags
All middle and high school students will receive a Sunshine Swag Bag from Jessica to kick off the fall. Please text Jessica (608.469.4785) before Sunday to let her know you'll be traveling through.

Households with Younger Children Craft Kits
Megan Dilitto, Director of Godly Play, will be distributing Godly Play craft-packs for the upcoming weeks to all families with younger children. Godly Play happens each Sunday at 9:45a.

Music lovers Rejoice
Charles plans to provide live music for your enjoyment and spiritual support as part of the experience.

Blessing of the Pets
In addition to receiving a prayer and benediction, Intern Pr. Maggie will also provide a special blessing for any pet you bring in your vehicle.

See you this Sunday.

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