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Does not compute!

The human brain is an amazing machine. Our eyes receive images, our ears sounds, our skin touch. Then, all of this input runs along highways called nerves. It flies from synapse to synapse and is compared to other information in vast, organic data banks. All of this happens with the goal of answering just one question. "What does this mean?" Having answered this question we then take another step, or another bite of our lunch . . . we put on a coat or take off our sweater. Our brain having decided where we are, when we are, and how we are oriented to the poison oak at our feet or the "Buy Now" button on our computer screen . . . knowing all of this (or at least enough of this) we take action. The sweater comes off, the coffee is set down, your order for that new blender begins to make it's way to the Amazon warehouse.

This we call "life."

Sometimes though - sometimes as all of that data runs from foot to frontal lobe, as we sift and sort what we see and hear . . . sometimes our little brains get stuck. "Does not compute!" "Wait, that makes no sense!" "No way, that can't happen!" "Those folks must be drunk. There is no other explanation!!"

This, you understand, is Pentecost.

When the Spirit of the Lord is poured out, as the Prophet Joel insists. When tongues of fire appear on people's heads. When 12 guys from some little backwater town are talking in such a way that everybody from anywhere seem able to understand what they're saying . . . well, "No!" That just doesn't happen. Somebody has to be smokin' somethin'!!

Welcome to Christianity. Welcome to the story of Pentecost. Welcome to your life on Jesus! What the heck does this mean?!

Put on something red and join the celebration this Sunday, 9 AM at the Winery or 10:30 online or at the Hazel Dell campus. We'll take a shot at it then!

Pr. Dave Brauer-Rieke

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