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The Story Luke Tells: A survey of Luke's Gospel led by Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Katie

Via Zoom Tuesday mornings starting Sept. 14 at 6:00a  
Via Zoom Wednesday mornings starting Sept. 15 at 10:00a  

Beginning this Advent (Nov. 28), the cycle of readings for worship turns to the Gospel of Luke. Over the succeeding 52 Sundays and taken cumulatively, worshipers will hear nearly all of Luke's narrative through the Sunday gospel readings.

Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Katie invite you to a Bible-reading-based preliminary survey of Luke's gospel starting September 14-15 (see days and times above). The first two weeks will be a lickety-split read through all 24 chapters of Luke with guided conversation each week.

We strongly encourage all participants to read the assigned Bible ahead of time—chapters 1-9 for week 1 and 10-24 for week 2. This amount of reading may seem daunting, especially in the first two weeks, but don't treat the task like homework. Instead, consider it an opportunity to spend time in God's holy Word and to experience it afresh. Don't sit down to read nine (or 14) chapters all at once (and not a couple of hours before the group meeting). Instead, we'd like you to read a little bit every day. If you do that, it won't seem like a lot to tackle, and you'll have the opportunity to reflect and experience how the Word influences your day. A six-day/week reading schedule is below.

To pre-register for either the Tuesday or Wednesday group, please shoot Pr. Peter an email », and he'll put you on the list and send you the Zoom link.

After the first two sessions, pastors will invite participants into an 8-week read of The Story Luke Tells by Justo L. Gonzalez with guided conversation and reflection each week during meeting time. Participants will read approximately 15-pages of Gonzalez's book per week.

If you're ready to invest in the second step of this venture into Luke, you may order a paperback or Kindle edition of the text here.

Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Katie look forward to your participation.

Reading Schedule of Luke's Gospel

Week One - Sept. 14-15
Day 1: Luke 1:1–2:51
Day 2: Luke 3:1–4:13
Day 3: Luke 4:14–6:16
Day 4: Luke 6:17–6:49
Day 5: Luke 7:1–9:9
Day 6: Luke 9:10–9:50
Day 7: Group meetings Sept. 14-15

Week Two - Sept. 21-22
Day 1: Luke 10:1–37
Day 2: Luke 10:38–13:21
Day 3: Luke 13:22–14:35
Day 4:Luke 15:1–18:14
Day 5: Luke 18:15–21:24
Day 6: Luke 21:25–24:53
Day 7: Group meetings Sept. 21-22

Reading Schedule of
The Story Luke Tells
by Justo L. Gonzalez

September 28-29
Introduction and Chapter 1
Introduction and Luke and the History of Humankind
pages vii-14

October 5-6
Chapter 2: Luke and the History of Israel
pages 15-28

October 12-13
Chapter 3: Luke and the Great Reversal
pages 29-44

October 19-20
Chapter 4: Luke and Gender
pages 45-59

October 26-27
Chapter 5: Luke and Salvation
pages 61-75

November 2-3
Chapter 6: Food and Drink in Luke's Gospel
pages 77-91

November 9-10
Chapter 7: Luke and Worship
Pages 93-109

November 16-17
Chapter 8 & Conclusion
Luke and the Holy Spirit and Luke's Open Invitation
pages 111-129

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