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Covid-19 Outreach Ministry - Connecting with Compassion

by Pastoral Intern Taran Denning  |  Ministry is still happening at Messiah! We have established a network/web/phone-tree outreach ministry to reach out to households who may have physical or spiritual needs at this time. Volunteers reach out through a compassionate phone call to all of Messiah's households each week. Response teams then connect with households who may have an emergent or imminent need during this time. If you are interested in being a part of the calling team who reaches out to check on households or might be willing to make a grocery store run, please let me, Pastoral Intern Taran know.

If you have a prayer request or would like to visit with someone on the pastoral staff, feel free to email Pr. Peter, Pr. Kathy, Pr. Lenny, or Intern Pr. Taran.

It is an honor be a part of this community coming together in creative ways. Thank you to those who have volunteered to be apart of this outreach program. Thank you for your faith-filled, compassionate and caring responses.

Brothers and sisters, peace be with you all!

Taran Denning 

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