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Update: Campaign is fully-funded in four weeks. Church Leadership Team and pastors commit to providing live stream of weekend worship even after COVID. You made it happen!

Updated on June 13, 2020. 

Upper Level Goal: $20,000  
Received: $22,500  
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

by Pr. Peter | There isn't a week that that passes when Kathy and I don't get an email, text, or phone message, asking, "Will we continue live streaming worship from Messiah after the threat of coronavirus has passed? The answer is, "yes."

Even when we can meet again together for worship, the pastoral team and Church Leadership teams are fully committed to providing a live stream of worship every weekend from here forward. And you can help to make this happen.

We are currently using borrowed equipment that we have "McGyvered" into our existing A/V equipment. We've been able to produce a pretty good stream with it. But if you could see it, you immediately would realize that this is not the path forward. There would be no way with our current set-up to conduct worship with anyone present in this space and provide a live broadcast at the same time.

And so, on behalf of The Church Leadership Team, I invite you to consider making a gift above and beyond your regular giving to the Live Streaming Fund to support this new facet of Messiah's ministry and reach. If you'd like to participate, there is a fund noted as "Live Stream Upgrade" at Messiah's online giving portal, and you can, of course, make gifts with checks.

The plan for a permanently and unobtrusively installed live-stream package of equipment totals between $15,000-$20,000. Yeah, it seems like a lot of money, especially now. Still, when I consider (and invite you to do the same) the reach and viewership of what Messiah offers the world, I assure you that it is a good investment and excellent stewardship of this congregation's resources.

As always, thank you all the support you so steadily and generously provide.

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