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Brewed Theology - 07.16.2020 - "Can We Talk? What Can We Do? - White Homework* on Racism"

Featuring Tori Glass, anti-racist educator, writer, content creator, and Portland, OR resident. She is the author of White Homework: A Resource for White People Who Want to Do Right. After you register, you will receive a homework piece to complete beforehand. We strongly encourage you to do the work. This is an online Zoom event.

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The world feels different after the death of George Floyd. His death ignited the energy, anger, passion, and conscience of people of all colors. After weeks of protests, demands for reforms in policing are being heard, and meaningful change may be the result. But are policy changes in policing enough? What are the systemic problems that got us to this point?

In this Brewed Theology, we will with care and consideration delve into these difficult questions and contemplate what we as people of faith and privilege can do to understand and deconstruct racism.

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Tori Glass

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