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Bible Study with Pr. Dave begins January 25 at 2pm

Happy New Year!! 2023 would be a great year to invest in some noggin nuddlin' with Pr. Dave!!

Face to Face Bible Study - Yea!!

This past Fall we had a second, virtual, book group that paralleled our Tuesday Study. This group met Wednesday mornings. However, this study used to be Face to Face, and a Bible Study to boot. So, we're returning to our roots and we look foward to sitting around a table together with tea or coffee in hand. You're invited!

Beginning Wednesday, January 25, at 2 PM
Bible Study with Pr. Dave Brauer-Rieke
Bible Focus - next Sunday's Bible Lessons (Study sheet provided weekly)

We'll meet in the fellowship of Messiah Lutheran in Hazel Dell

(Warning: If you're too smart you may get quoted in Sunday Sermons!!)

Tuesday Morning Book Group 

If you haven't joined the Tuesday Morning Book Group with Pr. Dave please know we are just getting started for 2023. 

We have a new book before us, and you are more than welcome to ZOOM in. 

We meet virtually Tuesday mornings before work at 6 AM. Our first meeting is/was Tuesday, January 10 but if you missed that no worries. 

It's an introductory session and we'll dig into the meat in the weeks to come. We're now reading The Flag, the Cross and the Station Wagon by Bill McKibben. The subtitle, "A Graying American Looks Back at His Suburban Boyhood and Wonders What the Hell Happened" tell is all. We hope to see you!!

Here's the ZOOM link for all weeks

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