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An invitation to consider volunteering at St. Andrew Lutheran for Winter Hospitality Overflow

Thank you to everyone who volunteered (or attempted to volunteer) for Winter Hospitality Overflow at St. Paul Lutheran last week. They had a Covid outbreak, and ended up sending some folks away. We are so sorry if anyone made the trip there just to be turned away.

The good news is that the shelter at St. Paul seems to be doing very well under the operation of a non profit organization called Outsiders Inn. They now have paid staff at the facility full time.

We encourage people to consider volunteering at St. Andrew Lutheran in the Orchards area. This WHO family shelter still relies on volunteers mornings and evenings. They operate through the end of March. There is a "Signup Genius" system at:

To sign up, click here »

This will take you to a calendar where you can click on a date and sign up. The coordinator, Jane Seidel, has also offered to answer questions or assist with signing up. You can reach Jane at (360) 607-4339.

Thank you again for your support of the homeless in our community. There are, of course, many other volunteer opportunities. We are currently focused on our commitment to the Winter Hospitality Overflow program. However, there are ongoing opportunities to assist, particularly with food for the "Safe Stay" sites. Stay tuned…

-Brenda Gardner

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