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A special All Saints service at Messiah North

by Julie Backous

Messiah North had a very special service on Sunday, November 6. 

As we gathered to celebrate All Saints Sunday with light and candles, a large power outage "blew out" the lights and sound system for most of the service. 

We made the best of it with the candles brought for All Saints Sunday, and, as Pastor Dave remarked, "A mark of a great band is how they sound unplugged!" 

The atmosphere was beautifully spiritual as we listened to the readings and sang along to "This little light of mine". 

Pastor Tom's sermon took on special meaning in the candle glow as we remembered our Messiah saints. 

The power (and lights!) came back on as Pastor Dave prayed after communion completed in the round. 

And, now plugged in, the band ended with "When the Saints Go Marching In", featuring Laurie Ricket on Trumpet. 

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