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Live Godly Play® offered during Sunday Worship - Zoom doors open at 9:45a

UPDATE 07.30.2020 - Sunday morning Godly Play® is in a four-week break. Megan and Liz will return Sunday, August 30.  

UPDATE 07.18.2020 - In addition to a library of video recorded Godly Play® lessons, Megan and Liz Bailey are providing a live, interactive session via Zoom contemporaneous with Messiah's live stream of worship on Sundays. Doors to the Godly Play room open at 9:45a. Contact Liz Bailey for the Zoom link. 

In this strange, uncharted, and often inopportune time, it does us all good to remember that God remains constant; constant in love, mercy, strength, and comfort. Since we have been unable to make a physical circle in Godly Play® for the children to join, Liz Bailey and I have been working to film some stories for the kids of all ages to watch and wonder over with their families. We have recorded Knowing Jesus in a New Way, a multiple-part story detailing the doings of Jesus and his disciples after Easter, a few parables to help us wonder more deeply about what the Kingdom God is building for us is like, and parts one and two of The Greatest Parable, where we see the tapestry of Jesus' time on earth and the heritage of love he left for the disciples to share with God's people.

We plan on recording more stories throughout the summer until August, so you and your children are encouraged to find solace and strength in these stories that are for you, until we can find our place in the circle once again. Please tell your children from us that we are praying for them and miss them every day.

Megan Dilitto
Director of Godly Play®

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