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A Fresh Look at the Lord’s Prayer - Lenten Series for 2020

Pastors Kathy, Peter, Lenny, and Intern Pr. Taran return to the catechetical roots of the Lenten season with a Wednesday teaching series entitled "A Fresh Look at the Lord's Prayer." Starting Ash Wednesday (Feb. 26), they will preach through the introduction, seven petitions, and doxology of the Lord's Prayer.

Lenten midweek worship will be on Wednesdays at 6:00-6:30p, Feb. 26 - Apr. 1. Services will be preceded by soup suppers served between 5:00-5:45p. A modified Faith Life in Progress (FL!P) schedule will begin on Mar. 4. There is no FL!P on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 26.

The season of Lent is derived from a pattern used in the first centuries of the church for people preparing to be baptized. They fasted and received instruction in the Christian faith for 40 days before their baptism day. The teaching method was an oral question/answer format, a process later copied by the writers of many Christian catechisms, including the Small Catechism written by Luther.

Lent continues to be a season of penitence and heightened reflection on the quality of one's faith. Christians often exercise some extra personal discipline as a way of reminding themselves of this sublime season. We invite you to include midweek worship as one of your self-imposed disciplines this Lenten season (Feb. 26–Apr. 1). Holy week begins Apr. 5 with Palm Sunday, and will include Maundy Thursday, Good Friday services as the week culminates with Easter services on Apr. 12.

Lenten Schedule

Ash Wednesday Services, Feb. 26
10:00a and 6:00p
Soup Supper served 5:00-5:45p

Wednesdays of Lent, Mar. 4 - Apr. 1
Midweek Worship at 6:00-6:30p
Soup Suppers served 5:00-5:45p

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