Solo & Special Music

We are always looking for special music from all ages to add to our worship services. There is no better place than the church to share your musical talent. There is no better place to be loved and cared for regardless of what age you are and the level of your talent. If you have some music you would like to share, please indicate your interest on the Discover card and drop in the offering plate.

Qualifications: To be prepared with your music and practice with your accompanist prior to performance. If an accompanist is needed, the church can provide.

Season: All year long

Rehearsal: Schedule rehearsal with your accompanist as necessary. A list of accompanists is available from the Minister of Worship and Music.

Performance Schedule: Solos and Special Music provide additional musical support to the worship service on Sunday morning. Schedule your music with the Minister of Worship and Music when it is prepared and ready.

Special Opportunities: Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter