Preschool Teacher

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Leonard CheyenneWhy is Messiah Lutheran preschool important to you?

Messiah preschool is important to me because it has always been a safe place not only for myself but my children. I have always felt respected, heard, and valued at the school as a parent, teacher, and coworker. My involvement in the school has blessed me with being able to touch so many little lives in our community alongside with other teachers I can call true friends.

What is the best vacation place you’ve ever visited?

Disneyland! I LOVED seeing my kids enjoy all the rides...well, most of them. I don’t think the tears after Indiana Jones count. There is nothing but joy when I look back at the time spent with my family there.

What's the most trouble you’ve ever been in?

Probably the time I received emails stating I kept missing the deadlines to fill out a questionnaire for work, Sorry! Haha; The most trouble I have been in was as a child sneaking out with my older sister when we were supposed to be in bed. We did not go far, we actually sat at the end of our driveway so we could watch the skater boys hang out and do tricks. Lesson learned.

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be?

I would want to be like Flash and travel with super speed. Imagine how handy that would be? I could go and visit far away places and be back before sun down. However, another benefit would be helping my kids if they forgot their lunch at home or get through Winco on a Friday afternoon.

What is something that made you laugh in your classroom?

This one is a hard question to narrow down, I do not think there is a day where I haven't laughed at something. Between a child very convincingly telling me he will be a unicorn when he grows up, the funny logic children come up with, or catching my coworkers in the act of being extra silly, there's always laughter to share.

What is something you've learned about yourself or your faith from your students?

This year one student said something to me that really hit me and I think about often. It was near the beginning of the school year and she had a bit of a struggle leaving mom. One day she came in smiling and an easy farewell from family and I made it a point to go over and compliment how I enjoyed seeing her so happy. She stopped painting and told me, "Yeah, I decided to bring my happy with me today". In that moment it reminded me that I have a choice to be happy. There are days that things don't go my way or it’s just plain hard but I can change my views on things and see it in a different light.