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God Sightings

But after I am raised up, I will go ahead of you... (Jesus in Mt. 26:32)

One of my favorite moments during last summer's Vacation Bible School was when the children met in the sanctuary for closing worship each day. Intern Joe would ask them, "Where did you see God at work today? Tell me one of your God sightings."

Hands would go up throughout the sanctuary and one by one the children shared where they had witnessed a "God sighting." They were so excited to share and so open to the question. Without the inhibitions of "theological correctness" that oftentimes creep in as we get older, they saw God at work all over the place.

Being open and watchful to "God sightings" is something that all disciples—regardless of age or theological sophistication—are called to be doing. "Where and what do you see God doing these days in your life? What is God up to at Messiah? What is God up to in Hazel Dell, Ridgefield, and Clark County and how are you and the congregation that is Messiah catching up with that work?"

Disciples sharpen their awareness of where Jesus is at work in their lives by studying God's Word and praying with others. There are small groups and classes this fall for learners of every learning style and commitment level. Any of them will improve your "God sighting" ability, deepen your trust in God, and help you discern what God is up to in your life and that of the church... and, as importantly, how we are called to participate in that work.

To help improve your visual acuity for God sightings, I encourage you to get involved in an opportunity for discipleship training this fall in one of Messiah's many small groups.
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