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Cover Letter for Third Quarter Giving Statements


October 11, 2014

Dear Member and Friend of Messiah Lutheran Church and Preschool, | 

Enclosed [mailed USPS] is your statement of charitable giving to Messiah Lutheran Church and Preschool for January 1 through September 30, 2014. Thank you for your generous support of the ministries at Messiah! This detailed accounting should help you track your year-to-date giving total(s). We strive for accuracy, but if you should find errors or omissions, please call or contact me, Jim Dawson, at 360-891-1174 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A flood of good things

Because of your generosity, we have seen a flood of good happen at Messiah including:

  • a preschool that began with fall enrollment of 96 students and included an expansion to 2 two-year-old classes in newly remodeled rooms in the HD education wing
  • contributions of nearly $3,000—the bulk of this from the African Gospel Acapella Choir concert in June—to bring Lawson Jallah together with his fiancé Dekontee who lives in Liberia. We are working with Dekontee to secure her birth certificate and passport, and have started the lengthy Immigration and Naturalization Service process to bring her to the United States
  • the unique placement of our new pastoral intern couple, Ben and Kristen Eisele
  • support grants for four seminarians, as well as grants to two Pacific Lutheran University students matched by the university, a scholarship for high school senior Charles Reinmuth to attend a summer music program at Valparaiso University, and SAT/ACT testing assistance to low income high school students
  • approximately 120 quilts for Lutheran World Relief, quilts for high school graduates, 25 quilts for apartment fire victims, along with additional quilts for newborns
  • additional projects including Compassion Ridgefield and support of Messiah′s Card Ministry, Legacy Salmon Creek Child Abuse Assessment Team (CAAT), the ELCA Ebola Crisis, elementary and high school student care closets, Messiah Vacation Bible School, Better Dad′s Father's & Daughter′s Conference, and multiple Christmas, Lenten Week and other annual programs

Additionally, your contributions will make possible a wide variety of upcoming ministries including:

  • The Night of the Father's Love Christmas Cantata
  • Angels on Assignment Sunday School Christmas Pageant
  • Treat Street Wednesday on October 29 for Messiah and community youth
  • at least 280 breakfasts per month for Tuesday Morning High School Breakfast Club
  • Mom′s Connect Group weekend retreat at the beach
  • Crossways classes to deepen understanding of scripture
  • hosting of Winter Housing Overflow (WHO) December 7th through 10th
  • Wednesday FLIP dinners
  • Preschool Chapel
  • a wide array of music programs currently involving 130 members 3-90 years of age.
  • Julie Bracken′s new HOPE support group for caregivers of those with dementia
  • Godly Play, the new Sunday School curriculum
  • Christ Bearers, Stephen Ministry, North County Outreach, Food-on-the-Fourth, and more!

We are pressed to count the ways your generosity to Messiah Lutheran Church and Preschool impacts our community and our ministries in Jesus' name. Thank you for making all this possible.


We invite you to help

We also need to disclose that we recently experienced three very significant and unforeseen capital expenses:

  • a sewer line break from the church to the street
  • new health department regulations necessitating the purchase of a commercial ice making machine
  • carpet replacement of the first floor classrooms in the educational wing to address the ill effects of multiple previous flooding events to regain use of several of the rooms

Because these expenses happened so closely together, they have placed considerable strain on the operating fund with expenses exceeding current income. The CLT will—of course—make necessary adjustments to bring operating expenses in line with income. The CLT also invites you to consider making a special gift so that mission and ministries will move forward with minimal disruption or reduction.


Your future quarterly and year-end statements

While you have received this statement by mail, we hope to soon save postage and staff time by sending out statements digitally to those who have provided Messiah with an email address, and in 2015 to provide you with secure online access to your statement. We plan to send your final 2014 statement both digitally and via hard copy through the mail in February.

Thank you again for your generosity and support of ministries at Messiah.


Jim Dawson, Financial Secretary

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