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One Mile Mission Midyear Report

The One Mile Mission team has been busy over the last few months, thanks to the generosity of Messiah members. Below is a list of ways that Messiah has support our schools, children and families. Thank you for making this outreach of the congregation possible by providing both human resource and financial support. If you would like to learn more about the One Mile Mission Team, please contact Jessica Potts or Pr. Kathy.

Eisenhower Elementary

  • Provided requested snacks for students, including protein snacks that tend to help students focus
  • Provided backpacks (donated by Messiah Members)
  • Martha Circle provided warm coats (Eisenhower has said they have almost distributed all of these so far!)
  • One new Lunch Buddy has started
  • Provided quilts made by Messiah member. The school says they even use these in the nurse's station
  • Tickets provided to the W.H.O. pancake breakfast

Lake Shore Elementary

  • Provided backpacks and warm winter coats
  • Supplied snacks to help stock the Care Closet
  • Lunch Buddies (we have 12 Messiah Members who meet with students every week)
  • Messiah is providing a bag of fresh fruit each week for the 10 families who receive a weekend food bag
  • Helped provide furniture for some families in need (Messiah North has helped greatly with this)
  • Tickets provided to the W.H.O. pancake breakfast
  • Godly Play kids sponsored 2 families for Christmas

Jason Lee Middle School

  • Provided ice cream sundae supplies for the AVID signing night
  • Messiah has volunteers who run a monthly craft table at Club Greatness
  • Provided toiletry supplies to stock the Care Closet
  • Provided comfortable chairs and "fidgets" for the counselors' offices
  • Collected sports balls from the Giving Tree to be used before school and at Club Greatness
  • Backpacks were given at the beginning of the year

Columbia River High School

  • Continue to stock the Care Closet throughout the year. The Women's Advent Luncheon participants all brought items for the Care Closet
  • Provided breakfast for AVID students before PSAT\
  • Provided cookies for the Career Center to help increase attendance at FAFSA signing nights
  • High School Youth will be sponsored 2 students for Christmas
  • Gas and Grocery Gift cards were collected on the Giving Tree (to be distributed to all of the schools)
  • Through the GivingTree funds were collected to help with an AVID class college visit

Ridgefield Schools

  • Working to help start Care Closets in a few of the Ridgefield Schools
  • Collected Giving Tree items to help for the "Shop for a Family Member Night", allowing students to shop for Christmas gifts for adults in their family
  • Provided backpacks
  • Provided warm coats
  • Provided school supplies and hygiene products
  • Messiah north continues to support Ridgefield Family Resource Center will all needs on an ongoing basis

Upcoming Needs

  • Columbia River High School is looking for adults to help tutor students after school in math
  • Columbia River High School has already asked Messiah to provide the Graduate Lunch at the end of the year
  • Jason Lee Middle School would like a rug for their new Care Closet space
  • Jason Lee Middle School would like someone to help them make some ping pong tables
  • Jason Lee Middle School would like Messiah to provide food for the 5th Grade Parent Night in the spring
  • Lake Shore Elementary is working on expanding its outdoor playground space. When the funding goal is met, the school has asked that Messiah members help with painting and installation of items
  • Lake Shore Elementary has asked for snack bags for state testing in spring
  • Eisenhower Elementary will be asking for volunteers to help with "Read Across America Day" (date TBA)
  • Eisenhower Elementary has asked Messiah to help with the early literacy night again in the spring
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