Your passion … your plan … your gift for those you love … and for God's work in the world! 

You are invited to consider another way to say 'yes' by exploring how you can make a difference to ministry locally and globally, now and/or in the future through legacy giving. Consider attending any of three remaining Messiah hosted seminars on how to make a plan to support the causes you love when you die.

Beth Adams, Charitable Gift Planner for the ELCA and Messiah member, will share information on how to consider a plan that speaks to your passion, while always considering you and your family's current and future needs. She will address topics such as:

  • Which ministry do I want to help?
  • How much should I give?
  • Which resources should I use?
  • When should I make the gift?

We invite you to consider your 'yes' for tomorrow, today.

'Yes.' Your Legacy Matters Seminar
Sunday, November 10 – pre-service at 9:00-9:50a
Messiah North Campus

Beth Adams, Charitable Gifts Planner for the ELCA