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Volunteers needed to help build retaining wall in the HD courtyard

​part of the courtyard beautification & water diversion project | Saturday, Oct.14 | 9:00-11:00a | volunteers may simply show up. Please bring heavy work gloves.

Volunteers are needed to help build a two-course and capstone concrete block retaining wall in the Hazel Dell campus courtyard. The new wall will run parallel with the window wells along the education wing.

The deep wells have long been a source of concern for parents with young children and the unintended catch basins for rainwater during severe downpours or snow runoff during quick melts. The wells have frequently been the source of flooding into the basement of the church.

Constructing the new retaining wall is the second step in a project to improve the look and use of the courtyard. Large overgrown plant material has already been removed. When the wall is complete, soil will be added to the planting beds and then re-graded with a slope toward the center of the courtyard. The beds will then be replanted with drought resistant, indigenous, and colorful plant material.

Additionally, translucent skylights will be installed over each of the window wells to divert water to the beds in the event of heavy rain or snow melt off beyond the capacity of the building's gutter system. The covers will also serve to reduce the potential for mishaps around the wells for little ones.

Retired landscape architect Beth Ludvigsen and master gardener Lisa Ruecker, both Messiah members, created the updated plan for the courtyard.

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