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Tuesday Morning Small Group continues reading “The Vanishing Neighbor” on Jan. 8

The Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Small Group just began an 7-week study of Marc Dunkelman's book "The Vanishing Neighbor." The group meets at 6:00a at Panera Bread Company on Highway 99 in Hazel Dell. Facilitated by Pr. Peter and Intern Pastor Joel, each session begins with prayer and ends when the first participant leaves for work, usually around 7:05-7:10am. Newcomers and guests are always welcomed and may pop in any week.

The group's new year read began with one Tuesday session in December (Dec. 18) and will start up again on January 8, 2019. It's a perfect time to jump in, try it on, and discover how once-a-week prayer and study can enhance your spiritual life. The Tuesday Morning Small Group is always open to newcomers and guests. If you are a first-time guest, your breakfast is on Pr. Peter!

Synopsis of "The Vanishing Neighbor"
Author Marc Dunkelman observes how our relationships are present in one of three concentric rings of context. He persuasively argues that the middle ring or band, where relationships are "friendly but not intimate" are becoming increasingly rare—that this band is getting thinner as the outer band is growing thicker. The Church, along with other social organizations, e.g., the Kiwanis Club and the Boy and Girl Scouts, exist in this middle ring, and came into being to support the notion of township. Where once the cultural norm was that we necessaily interact with people with whom we might disagree, and that we ultimately get along through conversation and compromise, today things are different. Dunkelman traces the factors that have fundementally altered our social, political, and religious life, and have contributed to our inability to solve the problems of a rapidly changing society. Dunkelman writes that to "win the future" we will need to adapt yesterday's institutions to the realities of the 21st American communtiy.

About the Author
Marc Dunkelman is a Research Fellow at Brown University's A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Affairs and American Institutions. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Politico, and National Affairs.

Reading Schedule for
The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community 
by Marc Dunkelman

Dec. 18
pgs. ix-32, introduction and chapters 1-2

Jan. 8
pgs. 33-75, chapters 3-5

Jan. 15
pgs. 79-112, chapters 6-8

Jan. 22
pgs. 113-153, chapters 9-11

Jan. 29
pgs. 157-195, chapters 12-13

Feb. 5
pgs. 196-225, chapters 14-15

Feb. 12
pgs. 226-241, Conclusion

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