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Theology on Tap takes on the topic of "mission tripping," Tuesday, May 23

7:00-8:45pm (publuck starts at 6:30pm). 

Register here. Please act quickly. There are only a few spots left. Previous months of Theology on Tap have quickly filled to capacity. Seating is limited for this event.


When is going on a mission trip, tripping over mission? Christ calls us to serve our neighbor, but when may we be doing more harm than good? In this Theology on Tap we will examine the complex interplay between "church work" and "aid work" and ponder the questions: When are we sharing the gospel, when are we serving others, and when are we just serving ourselves? We'll even give thought to Messiah's One-Mile-Mission and the opportunities and pitfalls it presents us as a Christian community.


We return to Ghost Runners Brewery in Vancouver for an exclusive, Messiah-only event.

It's a "Publuck" Event

This will be a "publuck" evening where we will convert the bar into a buffet table with the food items you bring to share. We will begin food service at 6:30pm.

Preparatory Homework

Pr. Peter and Intern Pastor Mary will send the links to preparatory homework in a separate email to the address you use to register. These links will go out 7 days or so in advance of the event. Please share the links with every person for whom you have registered.


Seating will be limited and this is a one-time-only event. Register early to assure yourself a spot.

Cover Charge Amount - $2/person

We lifted the per person cover charge to $2/event. Room rentals are rising everywhere. We also use the cover charge to pay our guest speakers a small honorarium and cover their food and beverages. Thank you for your understanding.

We hope to see you at this May 23 meeting of Theology on Tap.

Beers and blessings to you,
Team TOT - Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Mary

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