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Theology on Tap - September 2015

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God. Conversation. Beer. 
Facilitated by Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Allison | 

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Messiah's TOT has steadily grown. Because most pubs in North Portland and Clark County can no longer accommodate the entire group, we are now offering a twice-a-month schedule with the topic and location the same for both events. This month TOT will meet on Tuesday, September 22 and Thursday, Thursday 24 at the recently opened Feral Public House the new home of Heathen Brewing in downtown Vancouver. An RSVP is required to attend. Click to register for Thursday, September 24. Sorry, the Tuesday event is completely full. 

Mill Creek Pub Battle GroundMill Creek PubTOT has three goals:

  1. to engage in relaxed and guided conversation about interesting and often profound theological topics;
  2. to enjoy some of the finest craft beers anywhere; and
  3. to do it with some of the best people around.
The meeting place is usually a local craft brewery or pub in North Portland or Clark County. The meeting days are the fourth Tuesday and Thursday of the month. The location, dates, and topic are disclosed in a monthly TOT email from Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Allison. They also provide the Preparatory Homework in the form of readings and/or videos accessed on the internet. If you are not already on the TOT distribution list, contact Pr. Peter and he will add your email to the list.Untapped PubUntapped Taproom
Previous topics have included:

  • Religion and Resistance
  • How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Mission Critical: Right. Wrong. Reimagined.
  • Trivia on Tap
  • What’s Next? Respawning. Resuscitation. Reabsorption. Reincarnation. Resurrection.
  • Lent: Discipline, Discipleship, or just a Drag?
  • Is it … “A Mad, Mad, World”, An Intern Mash-up, or The Next Great?
  • Sola Scriptura
  • In the Image
  • Theories and Theology: Faithful, Informed, Christian
  • What’s so Amazing about Grace?
  • Is White a Color? Races in our spaces
  • The Meaning of Money
  • From Gutenberg to Google: Déjà vu all over again (only faster): from Gutenberg to Google – the challenge of being a flesh and blood church in a digital world
  • Close Encounters of the Divine Kind: Angels, Messengers, Messages, and You
  • God of Heaven and Mirth: God, The Bible, and Holy Humor 
  • Dying Well
  • God and Sports: Silly or Serious?
  • Ready ... Set ... Stop? The War on Rest, and the Need for Sabbath
  • Affluenza: Where can I find the vaccine?
  • Incoming Call: ... God? Call, Vocation, Purpose ... and other ways to think about what the heck you are doing here, and why what you do counts.
  • Dazed and Confused: Are we sinners or saints for having decriminalized the sale, possession and use of pot in Washington State?
  • What the Hell? Where is it? Why is it? When is it?
  • Is Jesus a Democrat or Republican?
  • The Death of the Church

Lucky LabLucky Lab Brewing Company

  • Single, Divorced, Living Together: Why is the Church so Uncomfortable?
  • Space, Aliens, & Jesus Christ: Wanna′ Be an Astro Theologian?
  • The Gifts of Imperfection
  • Losing My Religion
  • Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One that Isn't
  • A Christian Response to Panhandlers
  • Christian Faith and Mental Illness
  • Angels and Demons
  • What Happens When You Die?— Reincarnation, Resuscitation, Re-absorption, Replenishment ... or Resurrection?
  • If God is so close, why is God so hard to find?

Portland BrewingPortland Brewing

  • Money, Culture, and You
  • Death and Dying: The Ethics and Challenges of End-of-Life Decisions
  • Forgiveness—What is it exactly... or not so exactly?
  • Spiritual, but not Religious—Stop Boring Me
Pubs and breweries we've visitedt:

  • Ben's Bottle Shop
  • Uptown Barrel Room
  • Feral Public House - Heathen Brewing
  • Ghost Runners Brewery and Taproom
  • Untapped Pub
  • Heathen Brewing
  • Loowit Brewing Co.
  • Dirty Hands Brewing Co.
  • Mill Creek Pub
  • Total Wine and More nights in the home of Ted & Julie Johnson and at the Intern House

Intern House June 2015Big Backyard of the Intern House

  • Lucky Labrador Brewing
  • Laurelwood Brewery
  • MacTarnahan′s Taproom at Portland Brewing Co.
  • Amnesia Brewing
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery
  • Rail Side Brewing
  • The Brickhouse
Former Intern Joe Installed as Associate Pastor at...
Compassion Ridgefield Coming September 26

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