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Redeeming Risk - Wednesday Adult Bible Study this Fall

Identical sessions at 10:00a and 6:00p on Wednesdays | Led by Intern Pr. Joel and Pr. Peter        

Sign up by emailing Sally Dost, Administrative Assistant or leaving a voicemail at 360-574-7081.

This seven-week course will use scripture, theology, and insights from the business world to explore what it looks like to be Spirit-led people in our rapidly changing world. It is for anyone who wonders, "How can I know what, if anything, God has for me to do?" "Does change mean I have to give up everything I grew up with?" or "God doesn't change, why should the Church?"

Sept. 26 - God's Mission
How is God at work in the world and what does that mean for Messiah?

Oct. 3 - Change
Can change be valuable even when nothing is wrong? Is our ultimate destiny one of changelessness or infinite potential?

Oct. 10 - Innovation
What is innovation and what is it good for? How can our traditions be tools for innovation?

Oct. 17 - Listening
What does it mean to listen to our neighbors?

Oct. 24 - Faithful Failure
What do we lose when we avoid failure? How can we learn to fail well?

Nov. 7 - An Experiment Experience
A crash course in "design thinking" from Stanford University's Design School.

Nov. 14 - Spirit-Led Experimentation
How might we explore where God is guiding Messiah?

Sign up by emailing Sally Dost, Administrative Assistant or leaving a voicemail at 360-574-7081.

Intern Pr. Joel and Pr. Peter
First Communion Class for Parents and Children
Brewed Theology - Sept. 25 at 4:00 and 7:00p - "'I...

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