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New Adult Study on the Book of Acts

Tuesdays at 6:00a | Wednesdays at 7:00p | Facilitated by Pastoral Intern Taran & Pr. Peter | 6-session study via Zoom   

The Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Group and Wednesday Adult Class are beginning a study of the Book of Acts using a newly published text by Dr. Matthew Skinner, professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary. The book is Acts: Catching Up with the Spirit and may be ordered in paperback or Kindle editions from Amazon. Click here.

If you're interested in discovering the challenges, joys, setbacks, and growth experienced by the early church, and their implications for the church's work today, this study may be for you. Contact Pr. Peter to get the Zoom link for the Tuesday or Wednesday sessions.

Six-Session reading Schedule for Acts: Catching up with the Spirit

Week 1 (July 21/22)

Bible readings: Acts 1:3-11, Acts 2:1-36, Acts 3:11-26, Acts 13:13-43, Acts 17:16-34
Text: Preface, Introduction, Chapter 1 - What God has Done

Week 2 (July 28/29)
Bible readings: Acts 8:4-8, 14-17, Acts 8:26-40, Acts 9:1-20, Acts 10:1-48
Text: Chapter 2 – What God Does

Week 3 (August 4/5)
Bible readings: Acts 6:1-6, Acts 11:1-18, Acts 15:1-21, Acts 21:1-6
Text: Chapter 3 – Discernment and Change

Week 4 (August 11/12)
Bible readings: Acts 1:15-20, Acts 5:17-42, Acts 8:9-13, 18-24, Acts 13:4-12, Acts 25:1-12
Text: Chapter 4 – Opposition

Week 5 (August 18/19)
Bible readings: Acts 1:12-14, Acts 2:43-48, Acts 6:8-15; 7:54-60, Acts9:36-43, Acts 11:19-26, Acts 12:1-17, Acts 13:1-3, Acts, 18:1-4, 24-28
Text: Chapter 5 – Saints around the Edges

Week 6 (August 25/26)
Bible readings: Acts 14:8-20, Acts 16:11-40, Acts 17:1-9, Acts 19:11-41

Text: Chapter 6 – This Changes Everything

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