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Material Girls North's - Period of Purple Crying Caps

Messiah's Material Girls North met for the first time in May and decided to start a project called, Period of Purple Crying Caps program. The group will make individual hats for newborns to donate to the program that helps raise awareness for the Period of Purple Crying and help prevent shaken baby syndrome.

New parents often discover the frustration and stress that goes along with trying to calm a newborn baby who is crying inconsolably. This period of time, usually between 2-5 months of age, occurs in some babies for unknown reasons. It is during this time that Shaken Baby Syndrome peaks - when frustrated parents who don't understand the dangers of shaking their baby to stop their crying have sometimes resorted to shaking their baby with deadly results.

Many hospitals provide education about the Period of PURPLE Crying. Hospitals, such as Providence Health & Services in Oregon, are part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness of this stressful period to prevent shaken baby syndrome.

Messiah's Material Girls North has joined this effort and will be making purple knitted or crocheted hats for babies to donate to local hospitals and go home with babies at their birth. 

Material Girls North meets monthly at Tri-Mountain Golf Course on the second Tuesday of each month at noon. Their next meeting will be June 12. All are welcome.

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