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Links to all things Capital Campaign

Start here for brief introductions and links to the latest information and background to the Church Leadership Team's proposal to conduct a Capital Campaign  

Special Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday, March 18, 11:00am, in the Hazel Dell sanctuary.
Pre-Meeting Forums
Wednesday, March 7, 6:30pm in rooms 205-207 at the Hazel Dell Campus
Sunday, March 11, 10:45am in rooms 205-207 at the Hazel Dell Campus

Capital Campaign One-Page Overview from the CLT
This graphic shows the projects, priorities, and timetable.

Capital Campaign Cash Flow Model from the CLT
This graphic shows how and when the capital projects would be funded over a three-year period.

Frequently Asked Questions Document from the CLT
Questions and answers to all things capital campaign.

Report of the CLT's Year-Long Discernment Process by President Kris Ann Bial
The text of Kris Ann's address to the congregation at its Bi-Annual Meeting on January 28, 2018

Reflecting on 40 years at Messiah and Its Future: Capital Campaigns - The Mission Developer - The Wilderness - The Command of Jesus by Doug Ruecker
40-year member Doug Ruecker provides historic and biblical rationale for the campaign.

Reflections on the Past Year. Hope for the Future by Pr. Kathy Braafladt
Pr. Kathy vulnerably shares how much church work has changed over the years and why she is still filled with hope.

A Whole New World by Pr. Peter
Pr. Peter relates the Easter story to Messiah's capital campaign.

Of Pastoral Interns and Missional Directors by Greg Rhodes
Greg makes a comparison between Messiah's pastoral interns and prospect of a mission developer.

Stewardship of Community by Pastoral Intern Ryan Dockery

Intern Ryan shares how the days of measuring a congregation's health by the how many people are in the pew and how much money is in the plate are gone.

Pastoral Intern Ryan Dockery shares some of his frustration in pursuing pastoral ministry and his hopes for a Mission Developer at Messiah (4.0 minutes).

Vice President of the Congregation Mike Odren reviews the 3-year process that brings us to this point.

Church Leadership Team member Theresa Zimmer shares her story of what brought her family to Messiah.

Church Leadership Team member "Professor" Doug Ruecker shares a lesson on business cycles and Messiah.

"51% Christian" – Tuesday Morning Small Group begi...
A Whole New World

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