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Greg Rhodes to serve as Project Manager for the Congregation

The Messiah community welcomes Greg Rhodes, new quarter-time Project Manager focused on the congregation's second campus in Ridgefield.

Greg has extensive experience in working with church groups, both large and small. Within the circles of his own Episcopal tradition, he has led groups of laypeople, clergy, and diocesan executives in facilitating agreement and action. As a member of a Vancouver-based independent church consultation group, Leaders for Mission, he has worked with various congregations and conducted joint Lutheran /Episcopal leadership events for the Diocese of Olympia and Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA.

Greg's project management experience includes opening a new manufacturing plant for a previous employer, and as the principle partner among real estate investor groups, responsible for all aspects of acquisition, improvement, and maintenance of local commercial properties. Within his home congregation, Good Shepherd Episcopal, he led the project to purchase adjoining property for the church.

Please welcome Greg!

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