Messiah Happenings

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Godly Play Sunday School in full swing

Watch Messiah's Intro to Godly Play®

Children three years old to 5th grade begin Godly Play® at 9:30a while parents go to worship. Children are escorted to the sanctuary by teachers after the sermon to finish worship with their families. Children participate in the children's message followed by Communion and a closing hymn.

Godly Play®
Godly Play® is a method of Christian education that recognizes that even our youngest children have an innate awareness of God's presence; they simply lack our adult Christian language to express that awareness. Godly Play® uses a child's natural desire to hear stories, play, and create to teach them our Christian language in a prepared and intentional environment created for them. This program is being used with the three-year-olds through fifth grades as their Sunday school class.

Godly Play® curriculum is also used during the school year at FL!P on Wednesdays for three-year-olds to first graders and second to fifth graders.

For more information, contact Megan Dilitto, Dir. of Children's and Family Ministries.  (360-574-7081)

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