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Brewed Theology - Twice on Tuesday, January 30

4:00-5:30pm and 7:00-8:30pm  |  register here for the 4pm session | 7:00pm is "sold out"  

Brewed Theology (formerly known as Theology on Tap)  

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?
A conversation about God and vocation.

Many people identify what they do as who they are. They equate their work with vocation. But is there more to our God-given lives than "work"? At this Brewed Theology, we will explore the concept of vocation as something bigger than working for wages (though certainly inclusive of it), ponder how and to what God calls us in all seasons of our lives, and hear interesting stories and gain insights from others' vocational journeys—including the vocation(s) of retirement.

Please invite a guest

The moniker for all Brewed Theology events is "What church looks like." As we continue to discover where God is working ahead of us outside the walls of the church, Intern Ryan and I encourage you to consider this and all BT events as opportunities for authentic connection to the Messiah community and to the Messiah.

Want to carpool from church?
Meet at the Hazel Dell Campus parking lot at 3:30 or 5:30pm.

Featured Panelists ... the list will grow
  • Alison Treichel, former administrative assistant at Messiah and recently hired Regional Homelessness Coordinator for Polk & Marion Counties, OR
  • Heidi Rhodes, former middle school math teacher in the Evergreen School District, WSU doctoral candidate in mathematics, and soon-to-be professor in some far flung corner of the world
  • Christine Quinn, who has a Masters in Art History and is a new 3rd grade teacher at Lakeshore Elementary School
  • John Heim, 20-year tennis pro, USPTA Head Tennis Professional at the Evergeen Tennis Club
  • Peggy Bird, artist, novelist, grandmother
  • Ron Klump, retired biologist, hiker
  • Byron and Arlene Hett, retired, travelers extraodinaire

An exclusive event at The Final Draft Taphouse
As we begin the 2018 season of Brewed Theology, we are purposely multiplying meeting opportunities so that more people may participate and more pub owners have capacity to host us. These will be our first visits to The Final Draft, a recently opened taphouse just off of I-205 and Mill Plain Blvd. We have reserved the entire pub for both the afternoon and evening iterations of this event. You are welcome and encouraged to arrive early or stay late to order dinner or hor d'oeuvres as we have the pub reserved from 3-10pm. See the menu. We also need to hit a minimum $700 in total receipts for the day, so splurge a little. Parking is in the strip mall area in front of, around, and behind the taproom.

Preparatory Homework

Intern Pr. Ryan and I will send the links to preparatory homework in a separate email to the address you use to register. These links will go out 7 days or so in advance of the event. Please share the links with each person for whom you register.


Did we mention that there will be plenty of seating? Brewed Theology is intentionally guest friendly. If you don't bring a guest, don't be suprised if you get the stink eye from me, Pr. Peter.

Cover Charge Amount - $2/person

We use the cover charge to pay guest speakers a small honorarium, cover their food and beverages, as well as pay for room rentals. Thank you for your investment.

We hope to see you at either of the seating times for Brewed Theology on January 30:
4:00-5:30pm or 7:00-8:30pm. Feel free to arrive early.

Beers and blessings to you,
Team BT - Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Ryan

register here for the 4:00pm session

register here for the 7:00pm session

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