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Brewed Theology - "Truth. Fake News. Gospel." - Monday, April 29

Sessions at 4:00-5:30p and 7:00-8:30p | 
Fortside Brewing, Vancouver | 

Reservation is required. Click here to register.

Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, the term "fake news" has been hurled at just about every news agency and power broker in US politics. Sometimes it is used to combat blatantly false or misleading narratives. Other times, it is used to undermine factual reporting which could be damaging to a politician, organization, or political party. In just a few years, "fake news" has become part of the fabric of US politics, calling into question everything from facts to opinions. But the relationship between what is true and what is false is a relationship as old as time. As Christians, we proclaim "good news" (gospel) which others call fake news: that Christ died and rose from the dead. For this Brewed Theology, we'll wonder about truth, fake news, and the Christian place in it all.

Invite a Guest

The moniker for all Brewed Theology events is "What church looks like." As we continue to discover where God is working ahead of us outside the walls of the church, Intern Joel and I encourage you to consider this and all BT events as opportunities for authentic connection to the Messiah community and to the Messiah.

Location - a 'private party' event at Fortside Brewing in Vancouver with BYOF (bring your own food)

We have reserved the entire pub for both the afternoon and evening sessions of Brewed Theology. Both sessions will be "publuck" as food service will not be available. Bring whatever food you'd like to eat and share. We'll use the bar as a buffet table.

Preparatory Homework

Intern Pr. Joel and Pr. Peter will send the links to preparatory homework in a separate email to the address you use to register. These links will go out 7 days or so in advance of the event. Please share the links with each person for whom you register.

Cover Charge Amount - $2/person

We use the cover charge to pay guest speakers a small honorarium, cover their food and beverages, as well as pay for room rentals. Thank you for your investment.

We hope to see you at either of the seating times for Brewed Theology on April 29:
4:00-5:30p or 7:00-8:30p

Feel free to arrive early.

Reservation is required. Click here to register.

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