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Brewed Theology on January 29 - "Democracy and Civility: Can the first exist without the other?"

Tuesday, January 29, 7:00-8:30p - The Sportsman's Pub in Ridgefield | 

An RSVP registration is required for this event. To register, click here.

As our political leaders blowtorch each other on Twitter and create TV spots and soundbites that are fiercely unkind and ridiculing, it's hard not to notice that the rhetoric of American politics is becoming more and more uncivil. As the insults and name-calling increase, one wonders about the future of democracy and, as Christians, our responsibilities as citizens within it. Is there a moral imperative to which we should hold ourselves and our politicians accountable, and if so, what might it be? In this Brewed Theology, we will ponder the big questions about democracy trying to function within an increasingly uncivil society alongside the small steps that we might take to live faithfully as those called to be salt and light and leaven for the sake of the world.

There are special details regarding the food service for this event. See "Dinner Options …" below.

Two Special Guest Presenters
Dr. Carolyn Long
Associate Professor of the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs, WSUV, and recent candidate for the US House of Representatives for Washington's 3rd District.

Senator Ann Rivers
18th District, State of Washington.

Invite a Guest
The moniker for all Brewed Theology events is "What church looks like." Intern Joel and I encourage you to consider this and all BT events as opportunities for authentic connection to the Messiah community and to the Messiah.

Dinner Options at Sportsman's Pub in downtown Ridgefield
This will be our first trip to the newly purchased and renovated Sportsman's Pub in Ridgefield. As this will be a well-attended event, the owners are providing an $18/person buffet (taxes & gratuity included) for those who would like to order dinner. Items in the buffet will include chicken and pulled-pork sliders, baked beans, potato salad, a full salad bar, brownies, and complimentary soft drinks, coffee, and tea. It is not a requirement that you order food, but if you do, the buffet will be your only option. As a courtesy to the kitchen and wait staff, we will be contacting you in a second email to ask whether you plan to order the buffet dinner. You may arrive for buffet service as early as 6:00p on the night of our event.

Preparatory Homework
Intern Pr. Joel and Pr. Peter will send the links to preparatory homework in a separate email to the address you use to register. These links will go out 7 days or so in advance of the event. Please share the links with each person for whom you register.

Cover Charge Amount - $2/person
We use the cover charge to pay guest speakers a small honorarium, cover their food and beverages, as well as pay for room rentals. Thank you for your investment.

We hope to see you at Brewed Theology on January 29—7:00-8:30p.
Feel free to arrive as early as 6:00p.

Beers and blessings to you,
Team BT - Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Joel

An RSVP registration is required for this event. To register, click here.

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