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Bible Study? Small Group? Worship? Service projects? All of the above this Lent with Intern Mary's Internship Project. You can help.

You are invited to experience Lent in a new way with Intern Mary.  You can sign up here

During Lent, Messiah typically interrupts its regularly-scheduled programming to bring you something a little different on Wednesday nights—and that's true this year as well!

It's called "The Faces of Easter," and it's a six-week intergenerational experiment that combines dinner, small group Bible Study, worship and service projects into a rich evening of learning and growing together in our shared story of faith. I am organizing this endeavor as part of my internship project, and am looking for 25-50 brave volunteers who would like to try something new and have lots of fun along the way!

What can I expect?
First, you'll be placed in a small group of 6-8 people who will accompany you throughout the six weeks of Lent. You're welcome to sign up with anyone you'd like—as a whole family, as a couple, as friends, or by yourself—and we'll fill out your group with a few others. These groups will be intergenerational because there's wisdom to be shared by children, adults, and everyone in between!

On Wednesdays, you'll arrive sometime between 5:00 and 6:00pm and meet your small group in the basement fellowship room for dinner. As you eat together, you'll have the option to talk about a Bible passage for the week—but you're also encouraged to simply get to know one another and enjoy the company.

After dinner, everyone will meet in the sanctuary for a half hour worship service. Holden Evening Prayer is back this year by popular demand! During worship, a Godly Play® story-teller will share a story from the life of Jesus and together we will wonder about how God is speaking to us through these age-old tales.

Following worship, small groups are welcome to work together on service projects for another 20 minutes or so while they continue to explore the story.

If you're tired or confused after reading all that, it's ok! The evenings will roll out smoothly and before you know it, two hours of rich exploration will have sailed by.

Interested in trying it out? You may sign up here.

Still not sure? Well, here are some things you may be wondering:
Can I still come to worship if I can't make it for everything else (or don't wish to participate)?
Of course! Worship is open and available to anyone who wishes to attend, and you are invited to join the small groups in "wondering" together about the story.

Can I sign up with my family or friends?
Absolutely—in fact, it's encouraged! Intern Mary's deepest hope is that everyone who participates will feel comfortable around people they know but will also discover some wonderful new relationships too.

Can I sign up by myself?
Of course! You will be placed in a small group who will sustain and support you as you all explore God's Word together.

What is Godly Play®?
Godly Play® is a program that Messiah's children use to learn about the Bible. It tells a Biblical story using tactile objects and poetic words. You can read more about Godly Play® by clicking here.

I'm not a child/I'm not an adult. Is this program for me?
Yes, of course. Anyone can wonder. We all do.

I'm not very comfortable with "creative activities." Is this program for me?
Yes. Participate at the level at which you are comfortable. WARNING: You may discover yourself participating without even being self-conscious of it.

I'm not interested in being a part of a discussion group. Is this program for me?
Yes. See above.

What is the benefit of inter-generational church activities?
A growing body of research suggests a strong linkage between children and youth who participated in inter-generation church activities and their participation in church after going to college. You'll be doing something important for someone else … and yourself too.

Why during Lent?
Lent has been the "catechetical" season of the Church from its earliest days. It's a perfect time in the church calendar and in Messiah's calendar too.

Will we still have Lenten Service projects?
Yes. Experiencing the gospel and serving others go hand-in-hand.

Click here to sign up.

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