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Anna Countryman Accepted To Augsburg Youth Theology Institute

Anna Countryman will be attending the Augsburg Youth Theology Institute (AYTI) at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN this July! This is a week-long immersion experience where high school students get to study theological questions relevant in today's world while also learning more about community leadership for the common good. Please hold her and all the other participants and staff in prayer for a meaningful week.

For more information, you can visit the AYTI website: or follow them on Facebook at

The Augsburg Youth Theology Institute is a program run by the Christensen Center for Vocation at Augsburg University that creates a space for high school aged youth to explore theological questions, action and community, and their own senses of calling and vocation. It is a week-long program where students stay on-campus at Augsburg in Minneapolis, MN. Students spend time in the classroom learning from experienced University faculty and experts in many different fields. Students also get to learn from different community members in experience based learning and get to explore the community through visiting nearby restaurants and businesses. This year students will dive deep into the topic of leadership and what it looks like to be a public Christian leader in today's world. They will do this by learning from experienced peer ministry leaders, cross-cultural advocates, and community organizers. Students will also learn about the theology behind these efforts and be urged to put their learning into practice when they get home. 

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