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Why Did I Wait so Long? – by Richard Vaughn

Stephen Minister Richard Vaughn reflects on his Stephen Ministry experience. 

To me being a Stephen Minister means being open to the needs of someone else. The training you receive is incredible, though each care receiver has very different needs and it is a learning and growing experience to connect with them.

Being a Stephen minister has changed my life by changing my relationship and increasing my trust with God. Often you experience Gods presence when you are with your care receiver. I've learned to let God be there when we pray together, somehow he helps to find the right prayers for us.

For someone thinking about becoming a Stephen Minister, I remember that it took me several years of consideration and the promoting of a friend to overcome my doubts. At one time I didn't think I had the spiritual gifts for this. I was happy to find out that I was wrong and wish I hadn't waited so long. 

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