by Stephen Minister Jim Swenson    

‚ÄčSometimes an experience of truth gets put into words that affirm my experience.
The light of Christ lives within each of us.
Stephen ministry is the communication with Christ that happens between the care giver and the care receiver.

A question came to mind:
Is the light of Christ brought to the darkness of loss or is the darkness of loss brought to the light of Christ?  And if the light is Christ then which source is effective?

In other words does the healing light come from the care giver or from the care receiver? The words I heard are: Darkness is not brought to light. Light is brought to darkness.

What these words help me to believe more deeply is that as Stephen Ministers we are conduits to help illuminate the light of Christ in our care receivers. And our care receivers bring the darkness of their loss to the light of Christ within themselves.

My conclusion:
Care receivers heal themselves though the light of Christ within them.
We are called to amp up the process.