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Sydney Tag, Messiah Confirmation Student, Reflects on where she's seen God’s Stewardship – Every Day, Every Way.

When I was in sixth grade, our confirmation group went to Lapwai Idaho. We spent a week serving this wonderful community, and had an amazing time doing it. At the beginning of the week, we spent time getting to know the kids. These kids didn't have all the needs we have. Some of them didn't have shoes, and almost all of them were covered in dirt. Our whole group didn't expect this, driving into the area. Immediately we wanted to get out of the car, hug them, and supply them with everything they didn't have. 

On our first day, I was expecting these kids to be sad because they didn't have what we have, but they weren't at all! They were all just so happy to play with us. After the first day, I realized God was with these kids, supporting them and their families every day. I saw God in these amazing kids because they looked at the world in a special way and didn't care that they may not have all we have. 

This experience helped me to notice that every day you see someone a little bit differently--they may have a disability or maybe just have a different way of thinking. But I realized that God will never give up on any of us no matter what we think or how we look. I know that God was there for those kids in Idaho and is here with everyone else in the world. He will always be there, every day in every way.

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