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Sowing Seeds of Faith

by Angie George-Pendleton 

"Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully." – 2 Corinthians 9:6 

Each spring, my children Molly, Jack, and Everett eagerly help with our garden. They love to plant the seeds, push the dirt around, and overwater. I know through the many years we have been sowing our seeds that this is a joyful experience for them. They wait for weeks to see the green starts push through the soil and are overjoyed when they finally appear. It seems miraculous to them- the small green shoots coming up from the tiny little seeds they planted weeks before. It is always a miracle to me as I am never sure what will sprout from their frenzied planting sessions!

Each child has their own gardening style. Molly is patient and careful, watering and checking the sprouts daily and giving me reports on what has sprung up. Jack is focused but silly, giving the seedlings his full attention as he sings songs and talks to them. Everett has non-stop questions about the seedlings as he overwaters half of them and leaves the others bone dry. "How many are there? How big will they get, Mom? Do I like to eat these? What color is the food they make? Can you show me a picture of the veggie? When will they be ready to pick?"

We do many ordinary things when we create a garden. Each day we water, weed, thin seedlings, track the sunshine, and water some more. We care for the plants throughout the spring and summer, faithfully giving ourselves over to the task of tending the garden we have created together. When it is time, the children joyfully harvest the vegetables, flowers, and fruits. These ordinary, everyday actions in looking after our garden culminate into a bountiful harvest we can share with others.

Sowing seeds of faith is like this too. When we pray, we have prayers of thanksgiving and praise, worry and burdens. We pray for answers, guidance, and wisdom to help us solve our questions and problems. Sometimes our prayers are answered quickly. At other times we wait longer to hear God's plan. As we await answers, we can show our children and others the love of God by giving of ourselves to them in ordinary, everyday ways they may need. We can give our cares to God, and then we can get down to doing His work here on Earth.

Sowing seeds of faith comes from our actions, little and big. God will look for ways to answer our prayers, little and big. While we help others in His name, we can wait for those miraculous answers to prayer, like little green seedlings, to come. 

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