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Seeds of Faith

by Janet Borst  

I first came to Messiah as a visitor from another ELCA church in the county. And although I liked the other church just fine, I found myself wanting to transfer my membership. It wasn't the music – although the music was impressive. And it wasn't the people who are lovely and whom over time I have come to know and respect and love. And it wasn't the preschool which is great, but I have no children or grandchildren. And it wasn't the staff as I did not know how dedicated they were back then. And it wasn't the preaching which is outstanding and inspiring, or the classes or other activities offered……

What brought me to Messiah was and still remains, the fact that Messiah – pastors, staff, leadership team and members - operate from a standpoint of abundance rather than scarcity. There is a fearlessness in that stance and a true trust in God. Only a community infused with the Holy Spirit trusts this much.

For me the very essence of that trust is embodied by the Seeds of Faith program. 5% of all the general offering is used to:

  • Answer the needs of our local community and schools 
  • Assist in the training of new church leaders  
  • Spread the gospel in other sometimes very inventive ways 

If the budget is tight we don't cut back that 5%. We give because God has given to us.

So 5 or 6 years ago (time flies when you are having fun) I joined the Seeds of Faith team and about 4 years ago I took over the coordination from Jim Dawson, although those are hard shoes to fill.

We currently have five voting members in addition to me who review grants, ask questions, make suggestions and grant dollars to worthy causes. We are careful with this 5% trying to be good stewards investing to get a greater return and we focus our grants on the missions of Messiah. When we have a member in need consideration is restricted to the pastors and me for privacy sake.

There is no fear here – no grudging giving. We give because God has given to us. Enough said.

Janet Borst, Seeds of Faith Coordinator 

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