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Reflections on Seeds of Faith

Janet Borst reflects on the arc of her life and the seeds that took root. |

He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. – 2 Cor. 9:10

I often wonder how and why I have been granted the gift of faith. My mother believed in God, but not religion and the only time I saw her in church was for a baptism, confirmation, wedding or funeral. My dad certainly seemed to believe. He was the force that propelled his 3 children to Mass every Sunday and he and mom scrimped so that we could pay Catholic School tuition. But dad's faith didn't fare so well in his final years. Soon after my mother died of cancer, his older brother did too. Although he was a police captain, he was sentimental and soft hearted and I don't think he ever processed this loss. He quit attending church and soon sunk into a depression. He used to believe that anything he prayed hard enough for would happen. Life challenged that belief and I think dad challenged God.

So, when I think of the seed of faith planted in me, I have to sort through some superficial distractions. But here is what I know. My parents were good people who cared about others, were honest and open to people who were not just like them. They had experienced enough hard knocks to have compassion and that was a lesson for their children. And I think about the nuns and the Baltimore Catechism and regular attendance at worship. And I think about the 20 years of my life where I turned away from church and the nearly 20 years since I turned back because I missed having Christian fellowship. My faith was always there, I just needed a place to show it.

I've been a member of the Seeds of Faith committee for about 8 years. It's one of the things I love about Messiah – that we give back from what we are given. And I love the compassion it shows, the care for others some of whom are not just like us. I think it is a great and wonderful expression of faith! We don't give back for any reason except that we have been given all we need: a loving God who provides for us, shows us mercy and grace, died for our sins and rose to conquer our earthly death. Who can deserve this? Who can understand this gift of faith?

Click here to read about the work and mission and of Messiah's Seeds of Faith Team, including its updated process for engaging all of us in the distribution of benevolence dollars into the community.

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