This Saturday a group of members and friends of Messiah will leave on a Mission Trip to Puerto Rico. They will be working with Lutheran Disaster Response to do much needed hurricane relief work. You are invited to keep you to keep these people in your prayers over the next couple of weeks.

Kylie Brown
Anna Countryman
Chase Mattson Eisenhauer
Ron Klump
Beth Ludvigsen
Rod Ludvigsen
Gayle Mattson
Mike Mattson
Bert Peterson
Dianne Peterson
Jessica Potts
Alex Stelbicki
Vicki Taylor-Roskopf
Zach Taylor

Gracious God, We pray for these servants who will leave shortly on their mission trip to Puerto Rico. We ask for your blessing upon them and for their safety. May their time be filled with joy as they discover in their serving the profound truth that they will find themselves as they give themselves away in care and service to others. We know that in humility and weakness you will demonstrate your awesome strength and grace to each one of them. As they go in your name to those in need, bless them with your presence. It is in your Son's name that we pray. Amen