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Kellen Eki Reflects on Guatemala Trip

When Joy asked my mom and me if we wanted to write an article for the church newsletter, my mom said yes without checking with me first. Of course, I was at school at the time and couldn't answer for myself! But, I'm really happy to do it. I'm very happy to just share with everyone about this amazing experience. It really meant a lot to me that my parents and the other people that donated to us, made it possible for me to go on this trip. I loved it so very much!

I loved the community and the all-around love that the people there had for each other, and for us. Everybody there was so nice. I could feel their spirituality in everything they did, how they spoke to you, how they touched you, and you could see it in their eyes. It was like you could speak with them even though there was a language barrier.

While I was there, I encountered only loving and caring people. People who love, laugh and live. There was an instant friendship with anyone I met.

I loved the landscape in Guatemala. All of the trees and the plants, all the rivers and creeks. The cities, the buildings, and the clothing styles are beautiful, but so very different from our own. The clothes and things that they make are beautiful and I was VERY happy to discover that the food there tasted really great! The animals there are so beautiful; there are frogs, snakes, lizards, and many beautiful birds and butterflies. This trip was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I found myself so much more connected. Connected to my group, connected to the people at CCFC, connected to all the children and people in the villages that surrounded us, but most importantly... connected that much more to God.

Kellen Eki

Betsi Eki Reflects on Guatemala Trip
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