Kristen and Ben Move for WebMeister Eckhart, German theologian and mystic from the 13th century, famously claimed, "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." (He was also famously tried as a heretic, but all the really good ones are, don't you think?) It's a prayer that we have been saying fervently and frequently in these last few weeks, as we reflect on our time at Messiah. We were so blessed, in so many ways, by our year with all of you, especially by your generosity with our baby shower and farewell program. Thank you, thank you for your gifts, your time, your presence and your words of encouragement and support. We'll be sure a baby picture makes its way west when the little one arrives. We are excited for the impending start of Allison and Timothy this fall, and we will continue to hold you and them in prayer as you begin the next chapter in your life as a teaching congregation. With heartfelt thanks, Kristen and Ben