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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I recently read about a training session where the facilitator asked participants to identify the item they had with them at that moment that was most precious to them and asked them to place it on the table in front of them. Many people chose a wedding or engagement ring, other jewelry, or a picture of a loved one. The facilitator then explained that her assistant would come around to each table with a basket so they could place their item in it. They were told that the basket would be placed in the hallway, out of their sight, but that her assistant would sit in the hallway until they were dismissed from the training later that day. Naturally, most participants were reluctant to place their precious items in the basket and refused to agree to do this. The participants kept their treasured items and the facilitator made the point that when parents leave their children with others, they are leaving their most treasured possessions.

I am so thankful that the co-workers I work alongside at Messiah Preschool recognize this and that our preschool families have placed their faith in us. We understand the value of the children in our care, and when you value something, your heart responds. You treat it with kindness, love, and compassion. You spend time with it and you make it a priority to maintain it. We at Messiah have been blessed with the privilege of nurturing the most treasured possessions of many families in our community.

As September approaches, we heartily embrace the start of the new school year, thankful to be once again granted the privilege to serve those whom God has seen fit to bring our way. And in so doing, "[To] partner with families in teaching each student God's love, in creating a foundation for a lifetime of learning, and in developing caring, confident children" (Messiah Lutheran Preschool's Mission Statement). 

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