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Outdoor, In-Person Communion Opportunities with Messiah’s Pastoral Staff

Prs. Peter and Kathy are trying an experiment. They will provide outdoor, in-person Holy Communion services at three off-site public parks in Clark County. The services will be brief, 10 to 15-minutes each, and accommodate up to five people at a time. Pastors are offering two or three service times at each location. The informal worship will includ...
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Seeing through the Smoke

"And the one who was seated on the throne said, 'See, I am making all things new.'" - Rev.21:5   As I look out my window, I can barely see my neighbor's house today. I see the thick cloud of smoke and smell the ash. My greatest concern is for those who are being impacted by the wildfires. I pray for those who have lost loved ones and...
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Drive-thru Communion opportunity this Sunday, 09.20.20 ... and so much more.

Drive-thru will begin at approximately 10:45a   Messiah's pastoral team and staff members are offering the option of drive-thru Communion and a whole lot more at the Hazel Dell campus this Sunday, September 20. As the live stream of worship ends, they invite everyone who would like: - an in-person Holy Communion experience- the oppor...
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Liz Bailey leaves her staff position to dedicate more time to her Reiki practice

Liz Bailey, Director of Children and Family Ministries for the past two years, recently submitted a resignation letter to the Church Leadership Team. In her letter, she wrote of her gratitude for the blessings that the position brought to her. She now feels "called to commit to Reiki as my ministry. Giving Reiki gives me so much life and energ...
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Immediate Disaster Response for Willamette Valley Migrant Families

As recovery and support efforts begin for Oregon communities severely impacted by fires, Messiah is immediately partnering with the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice (IMIrJ) organization of Oregon. Its executive director, Alaide Vilchis Ibarra, is the former policy director of the ELCA's advocacy office in Washington, D.C. Forgotten in much...
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Current Pastoral Care options during COVID

Prs. Peter, Kathy, Lenny, and Maggie know there's probably a lot going on in your life right now. Would you like to have some time with one of the pastors? Here are some options for pastoral care. Pastors Peter and Kathy have been meeting with people one-on-one in outdoor spaces and having phone calls or zoom visits. All you need to do is email or ...
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Opportunities to meet Pastoral Intern Maggie

Opportunities to meet Pastoral Intern Maggie As you can imagine, beginning an internship in the middle of a pandemic presents some challenges in getting to know the congregation. To help ease Maggie's transition, Pastors Peter, Kathy, and Maggie seek people willing to meet in person for a brief visit. The pastors and Maggie will bring their own out...
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Help us get you timely and important information about Children and Youth Ministries

by completing a new online registration form |   As we begin a new school year, it is time to make sure Messiah staff have accurate information about the congregation's children and youth. This way, Jessica, Megan, and others can provide programming information accurately and efficiently. If you have a child(ren) or student you would...
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Pr. Kathy's Book Club will read "The Alchemist" for October 7

First Wednesday of each month | 10:00-11:30am via Zoom   Pr. Kathy facilitates stimulating conversation among Messiah's book club participants each month, drawing upon overarching themes from various storylines in each book. She also provides theological perspective. Lack of conversation is never a challenge as everyone has the ...
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New Study on "The Freedom of a Christian" begins twice-weekly starting September 22 and 23

Tuesdays at 6am | Wednesdays at 10am | assignment for week 1 - read the document. "The Christian [person] is a completely free lord of all, subject to none. The Christian [person] is a completely dutiful servant of all, subject to all." - M. Luther   Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther wrote a treatise titled "The Freedom...
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Your Seeds of Faith benevolence dollars are producing good during the pandemic

by Janet Borst, Chairperson of Messiah's Seeds of Faith Team | It is no surprise that the pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives. Church is no exception, and the Seeds of Faith, Messiah's local benevolence distribution team, is no exception. But exciting things have happened, nevertheless. The stay at home orders came in the midd...
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Prayer Walk is this Sunday, September 20, at 11:50a

Connect in-person with your friends from Messiah | Event begins at Hazel Dell Campus | Come to the Drive-thru Communion and stay for the Walk  You're invited to join Theresa Zimmer and other Messiah members in a socially-distanced prayer walk around the neighborhood near the Hazel Dell campus. We'll depart from the church at 11:50a a...
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Queer Theology: From Welcome to Radical Affirmation. A new 7-week class offered by Pr. Lenny

Pr. Duncan is offering a 7-week Bible study that begins with the ELCA's social statement Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust (2009). The class is via Zoom on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00p, August 18-September 29.To download the social statement, click here »To get the Zoom link to the class, contact Pr. Lenny here »
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Drive-through Farewell for Intern Pr. Taran following worship this Sunday, 08.16.20

As part of the live stream of worship on Taran's final Sunday service this weekend, we will include a farewell recognition and liturgy. Taran will preach his swan song sermon that day. You don't want to miss it at 10:00a. The farewell portion of the service will include a message from his internship committee, reflections from Pr. Peter, ...
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Messiah Preschool delays in-person instruction for fall 2020

by Joyce Handran, Messiah Preschool Director | Hello Messiah Preschool Families, We hope the summer is treating you well and you are enjoying the beautiful weather we have been experiencing these last few weeks. On July 22, Messiah Preschool released its plan to open in September with in-person preschool. Since then, eight Clark County sc...
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New Adult Study on the Book of Acts

Tuesdays at 6:00a | Wednesdays at 7:00p | Facilitated by Pastoral Intern Taran & Pr. Peter | 6-session study via Zoom    The Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Group and Wednesday Adult Class are beginning a study of the Book of Acts using a newly published text by Dr. Matthew Skinner, professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary. The ...
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Lawson Jallah livestream Celebration of Life Service set for Wednesday, July 29 at 9:00am

Direct Link to Livestream »  Friends and family from the US and Liberia will participate in the service simultaneously. While awaiting a liver transplant and battling a blood infection, Lawson Jallah died early in the morning, June 13. He was a well-beloved member of Messiah and a faithful member of the adult choir. He seldom missed a Wednesda...
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Farewell celebration for Intern Pr. Taran on Sunday, August 16. There's still time left to send in your video or written remembrances for the service!

DEADLINE to submit a written or video remembrance for the farewell service to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. extended to Tuesday, August 12, at midnight. Does it seem like it's been a year already? Hardly. But it has been, and we're not about to let a pandemic dampen our spirits. Soon we will celebrate and thank Taran f...
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An opportunity to assist the Ridgefield Family Resource Center - Cards of Encouragement Needed

by Julie Backous, Messiah North Campus Site Coordinator  |   The Ridgefield Family Resource Center has been one of the local public assistance agencies Messiah focuses on all year long. They have been the recipient of many of our food drives and donations. Chris Poppert of Ridgefield School District manages this very active family re...
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Messiah Bids Farewell to Daniel Ortman

The Church Leadership Team and pastors announce that Daniel Ortman, Assistant Worship Leader, is moving on. Because of the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order, we have missed Daniel's performances over the last few months. It was our great privilege to be able to enjoy worship with Daniel's creative and imaginative guitar playing, singing and performan...
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Brewed Theology - 07.16.2020 - "Can We Talk? What Can We Do? - White Homework* on Racism"

Featuring Tori Glass, anti-racist educator, writer, content creator, and Portland, OR resident. She is the author of White Homework: A Resource for White People Who Want to Do Right. After you register, you will receive a homework piece to complete beforehand. We strongly encourage you to do the work. This is an online Zoom event. This is...
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Greg was recently invited by the Church Leadership Team and pastors to serve in a consultative role with the team and congregation. That's how I've been feeling for 5 months. On January 22 my wife and I left China for a 2-week vacation. We haven't been back since. A storm the size and shape of the coronavirus tore...
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Marsh White retires as Messiah's Custodian

After seven-plus years of serving as custodian of Messiah's Hazel Dell campus, Marsh White has retired. If you ask him, he will tell you this is the third time he's retired after various long-term work pursuits in later life. During his years of looking after the interior of Messiah's primary facility, Marsh witnessed many changes in its utilizatio...
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Brewed Theology - "Can We Talk? What Can We Do? - White Homework* on Racism" - Thursday, June 18

A two-part Brewed Theology on June 18 and July 16 via Zoom.  This is an RSVP event. Registration is required »   The world feels different these days after the death of George Floyd. His death ignited the energy, anger, passion, and conscience of people of all colors. After weeks of protests in cities, both big and small, demands for...
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Live Godly Play® offered during Sunday Worship - Zoom doors open at 9:45a

UPDATE 07.30.2020 - Sunday morning Godly Play® is in a four-week break. Megan and Liz will return Sunday, August 30.   UPDATE 07.18.2020 - In addition to a library of video recorded Godly Play® lessons, Megan and Liz Bailey are providing a live, interactive session via Zoom contemporaneous with Messiah's live stre...
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Return to In-Person Worship Survey

You are invited to complete a one-minute online survey that will assist the pastoral and Church Leadership Teams in planning for in-person worship once health professionals determine that it is safe to reopen using guidelines from state and local officials. There are only six easy to respond to prompts. One survey per household, please. t...
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Bi-Annual Meeting of the Congregation will happen via Zoom - June 7, 2020 at 11am. Register here.

To register (and you must to attend), click here.  To download and read the 2019-20 Report of the Congregation, which includes the meeting agenda, spellbinding ministry reports, and the proposed 2020-21 operating budget, click here. We continue to adapt and consider ways in which we can creatively do ministry during this pandemic season. ...
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Tuesday Prayer Breakfast (6:00a) and Wednesday Adult Class (7:00p) begin new 7-week study on 'Seculosity' on June 2 & 3

Tuesdays at 6:00a  |  Wednesdays at 7:00p  |  Facilitated by Pastoral Intern Taran & Pr. Peter  |  7-week study begins June 2 & 3   The Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Group and Wednesday Adult Class groups requested a summer read that would be "light and fun." This request comes following the g...
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Update: Campaign is fully-funded in four weeks. Church Leadership Team and pastors commit to providing live stream of weekend worship even after COVID. You made it happen!

Updated on June 13, 2020.  Upper Level Goal: $20,000  Received: $22,500  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! by Pr. Peter | There isn't a week that that passes when Kathy and I don't get an email, text, or phone message, asking, "Will we continue live streaming worship from Messiah after the threat of coronaviru...
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Brewed Theology - 05.14.2020 - Cleaning Up after Covid

The life-changing magic of thoughtful post-pandemic living.   One-time-only on Thursday, May 14, 2020   7:00-8:30p (you may arrive as early as 6:00p) RSVP registration required. Click here to register. Synopsis Marie Kondo popularized the idea of keeping only those things that bring you joy and getting rid of the rest. We've los...
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Pr. Lenny's every-other-week Small Group 'All Read' this Tuesday.

Pr. Lenny invites everyone to a new book study which he and his launch team started May 19th at 7p. The meetings will be conducted via Zoom on an every-other-week basis until the text is thoroughly covered. The book is "For All Who Hunger" newly published on May 15th. It is the story of Rev. Emily Scott as she plants a new church in ...
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Reflections on Seeds by Janet Borst

Janet leads the team responsible for distributing the congregation's benevolence money in the form of grants. They see their work as "planting seeds." Here, Janet puts an interesting spin on this springtime process. - Pr. Peter It's spring, and like all would-be gardeners, I've purchased my seed packets with thoughts of a bountiful harvest. I have,...
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Messiah Preschool is going online

by Joyce Handran, Messiah Preschool Director | "We miss you and want you to know how much you are loved!" This is the message the preschool team hopes all Messiah preschool students and families hear loud and clear. We at Messiah Preschool believe that the best learning methods for preschoolers are play-based and experiential. S...
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Bonhoeffer Expert to visit Prayer Breakfast Group this Tuesday - 04.21.2020

The Rev. Dr. Mark Brocker will be the guest presenter for the Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast group on April 21 at 6:00am via Zoom. He will lead a conversation on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship. Brocker is an expert on Bonhoeffer and his works. He earned his Ph.D. in Theology from the University of Chicago Divinity School. He ...
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Meet Maggie Westaby, Messiah's Pastoral Intern for 2020-21

I am very excited to be your pastoral intern for 2020-21 and feel incredibly blessed to be on this path. Ever since I was a child, I have felt the Spirit of God in the wind. I have felt a calling, and a yearning, for something greater than myself for as long as I can remember. My faith has always been important, thanks to my wonderful parents and C...
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Responding to the COVID-19 Economy: Thoughts on stewardship and generosity by Doug Ruecker

A number of things have revealed themselves during the COVID-19 crisis.One is a seemingly friendlier disposition of people. Have you noticed, while walking the neighborhood or the infrequent visit to the grocery store, how people are so much more courteous and friendly? A smile, a warm hello, while keeping a comfortable distance, goes a long ways i...
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The Triduum Project

3 days | 54 hours | 1 stream  Pastor Lenny and a few dozen of his closest friends have been invited to be part of a 60-hour online vigil for the Three Days called the Tridium traditionally in the church. Each hour will feature a pastor, worship leader, artist, or writer presenting whatever is on their hearts to hold vigil on this Holy Week unl...
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Home preparation for Good Friday Observance at 6:00p

Today as we observe the Holy Day of Good Friday, we stand in awe of the depth of God's love for each one of us. As you contemplate Christ's sacrifice today, the Pastoral team and Charles invite you to watch Messiah's worship for Good Friday Worship, which reflects upon Stations of the Cross. Below are some helpful instructions for your preparation ...
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Palm Pictures for the Pews on Easter

COVID-19 has required us to do ministry in new and creative ways. This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Palm processionals with everyone waving leaves together is a special moment that begins Holy Week. This year, we are not able to wave our traditional leafy palms. However, each of you have been given by God two fleshy palms - one on each hand! We are invit...
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An Easter Invitation to Party

gather balloons, confetti, streamers, cake, mimosas, whatever you need to party | decorate to your heart's content | have wine and bread ready for Communion email us photos of your celebration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will show them during the livestream of worship! The most stunning thing happened one Sunday...
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Holy Communion during Messiah’s Live Stream Worship this Sunday - 09.27.2020

Bible reading for this weekend (09.27.20): Matt.21:23-32»  link to Sunday's live stream worship»   Pastors Peter, Kathy, and Lenny, with the approval of Bishop Richard Jaech, will be including Holy Communion as part of this week's live stream worship at 10:00a. If you would like to participate in this pa...
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Stump the Pastor Children’s Message. A second try this Sunday.

An online worship experiment. Will it work? It depends on who's answering. This weekend (04.05.2020) marks the beginning of Holy Week with Palm Sunday. Various gospel accounts of this day include Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:29-40, and John 12:12-19. In The Beginner's Bible, the story is told on pages 427-432...
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Sunday 03.22 online Worship here

We will be live streaming Messiah's worship on Sunday, March 22, on both YouTube and Facebook. The service will last about 30 minutes and be available for replay for seven days. YouTubeTo participate in today's worship via YouTube, click this link: login required) FacebookIf you have a Facebo...
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Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Taran invite you to online study and conversation based on Bonhoeffer's "The Cost of Discipleship"

Based on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's "The Cost of Discipleship" | Tuesdays at 6:00am (Prayer Breakfast Group) | Wednesdays at 10:00am  Pr. Peter and Intern Pastor Taran invite you to a new online study starting this week. The course and conversation will be based on a modern classic: "The Cost of Discipleship" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, ...
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Join Pr. Lenny and Special Guest Tori Glass in a Live Stream, Thursday, March 19 at 4:00p

Pr. Lenny and Tori Glass will discuss topics from Lenny's book, "Dear Church: A Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination if the U.S." in a live stream from Messiah's sanctuary. Many congregations across the ELCA are using Pr. Lenny's book for their Lenten season study and will also be viewing and commenting on th...
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"Give us this day our daily bread" and "Forgive us our sins" - Watch Pr. Peter's Lenten Message

Click here for this week's midweek Lenten message by Pr. Peter on the fourth and fifth petitions of the Lord's Prayer.
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Staying Connected to Children’s Ministry during Covid-19 – A Message from Liz Bailey, Dir. of Children’s and Family Ministries

Dear Children and Families of Messiah,  I hope you are all managing well as you read this. This is an interesting time and with that comes many prayers for there are so many feelings that come from this unforeseen situation. I am praying for you all and for all the people around the globe as this effects everyone. With these prayers comes hope...
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Covid-19 Outreach Ministry - Connecting with Compassion

by Pastoral Intern Taran Denning  |  Ministry is still happening at Messiah! We have established a network/web/phone-tree outreach ministry to reach out to households who may have physical or spiritual needs at this time. Volunteers reach out through a compassionate phone call to all of Messiah's households each&n...
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The Cancel Culture of Coronavirus and Our Care for Each Other

... let us consider how to provoke one another to love and good deeds, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching. – Hebrews 10:24-25 Cancellations are happening everywhere—March Madness, the NBA, public schools, airline flights. Last night Governor Inslee&n...
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All worship services (both campuses) and onsite church activities are suspended until further notice

A Message from Pastors Peter, Kathy, and Lenny, and The Church Leadership Team Quick Take All worship services (both campuses) and onsite church activities are suspended until further notice.Messiah Lutheran Preschool is suspended until Monday, April 27.Online worship, small groups, and service opportunities are coming soon. There is no fear i...
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Ladies' Night Out Postponed

Tifffany and Liz have decided to postpone Ladies' Night at the bingo parlor scheduled for Friday, March 13. We were looking forward to having fun with everyone and trying something new but feel this is one unnecessary event we can remove. This decision comes with the intention of keeping Ladies Night stress free, safe and fun! We want to ...
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Parenting the Love and Logic Way® begins April 16, 2020

To register, contact Liz Bailey, Dir. of Children's and Family Ministries.   Would you like to feel more confident at parenting?Would you like more fun parenting?Would you like to fee more relaxed at the end of the day? Love and Logic® is a parenting program designed to provide practical skills that can be used immediately. Love ... ...
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Care for Each Other as the Coronavirus Spreads - A Message from Prs. Peter and Kathy

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, it is certainly prudent to take reasonable precautions as we gather for worship, classes, small groups, and events. The healing ministry that Jesus modeled for us includes basic care for one another as well as care for ourselves. In that spirit, here are the things we are doing at Messiah.Continuing to Worship...
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One Month of Me

Greetings y'all. I was talking with Doug Ruecker at a recent meeting, and it occurred to me that most of you may wonder what the average month of a Mission Developer Pastor looks like. I mean, it all seems very mysterious, right? Pr. Lenny is running around and creating a new church out of nothing?!? What does that even mean? So, here is a list of ...
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Got Preschool? Messiah Lutheran Preschool now enrolling students for the 2020-21 school year!

Messiah's preschool offers a developmentally appropriate program for children ages 2-5 featuring small classes and personalized attention. We encourage a child's spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth through guided discovery and play. Call Joyce Handran, Preschool Director, at 360-574-2686 with questions or to schedule a t...
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Launch Team Discernment Meeting with Pr. Lenny about Messiah's "Church with No Name" online tonight, 03.25.2020 at 7:00pm

Greetings Messiah,  I know that there is so much to think through in this time of #COVID-19, and that it's hard to focus on any one thing. But I am prayerfully inviting you to do just that tonight at 7pm. I'm having the second Launch Team discernment meeting tonight for a few reasons. One is simple to grasp but so hard to believe sometimes. Go...
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A Fresh Look at the Lord’s Prayer - Lenten Series for 2020

Pastors Kathy, Peter, Lenny, and Intern Pr. Taran return to the catechetical roots of the Lenten season with a Wednesday teaching series entitled "A Fresh Look at the Lord's Prayer." Starting Ash Wednesday (Feb. 26), they will preach through the introduction, seven petitions, and doxology of the Lord's Prayer. Lenten midweek worship will be on Wedn...
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Meet Messiah's College Summer Interns for 2020

Kellie Escovy | Wartburg College, Waverly, IA  Hometown – Katy, TX  Major – Religion  Graduation – Spring 2022 Hello Messiah! My name is Kellie Escovy, and I am so excited to be one of your interns this summer! I'm twenty years old, and I'm from Katy, TX. I am currently a sophomore at Wartburg College in Waverly, ...
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What is Ash Wednesday? Services at 10a & 6:00p on Feb. 26.

by Pr. Lenny Duncan, Mission Developer Pastor  |   What is Ash Wednesday? |  This holiday (holy day) has been observed by Christians for over one thousand years. Ash Wednesday marks the first day of the season of Lent (40 days before Easter). Why ashes? Why a cross?For centuries, ashes have symbolized mourning and repentanc...
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Creating a Culture of Belonging in Faith Communities - an afternoon and evening with Dr. Erik Carter hosted at St. Andrew LC, March 22

How can our faith communities become places of belonging for individuals with disabilities and their families? Dr. Erik Carter, a national expert on creating inclusive communities, will address this issue and foster community conversation at an event on Sunday, March 22 at 1:30 to 3:30 pm at St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 5607 NE Gher Rd., Vancouver, ...
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One Mile Mission Opportunity: Read Across America at Lake Shore and Eisenhower Elementary Schools

Lake Shore Elementary: Monday, March 2 (30 minute time slots available throughout the day)Guest readers are needed to read to an elementary school classroom. You may bring one of your own favorite children's books or you can choose a book from those that are provided. If you are interested or to learn more, please contact Sharon Beavin at shar...
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'Jesus Clean Freaks' small group forming

A new small group people who love Jesus, like to clean, and enjoy food  |   Janet Borst and Julie Bracken invite you to a new small group for a monthly lunch and dessert. The price of admission is a few moments sprucing up the sanctuary. Everyone is invited to be part of a crew that thoroughly vacuums the floor and pew...
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Newcomers' Orientation - Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020

6:35-8:00p  |  HAZEL DELL CAMPUS  The Newcomers' Orientation is an opportunity for newcomers to Messiah to learn more about its mission, ministries and culture, and how the congregation is moving into the future. It is also an opportunity for guests to ask questions (nothing is off limits), share concerns, and meet others who are sim...
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Women's Breakfast Club headed to C'est La Vie French Cafe - Jan. 31

Next meeting - Friday, January 31 Facilitators: Liz Bailey and Tiffany Brogan Come to recharge and get a little "me time"! Relax with coffee, tea, and French cuisine. Let us know if you can make it and we'll save room. No worries if it is last minute though, we would love to see you and hear about the holidays! Participants: Women Day & Ti...
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"Dialogues on Race" Tuesdays at the Morning Prayer Breakfast Group

Pr. Peter invites you to a new 7-week study based on essays by North American theologians and thinkers in a collected work titled "Dialogues on Race." The compilation is a resource that encourage honest talk about this difficult subject. The goal of the readings and conversation is to bring hope and healing out of the church and into...
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Stewardship – What does it mean?

A message from Financial Secretary Doug Ruecker and Pr. Peter |  It is that time of the year again when at church, we hear the word stewardship. My guess is when most people hear stewardship, they hear, "They want more of my money." Or they hear – time to make a pledge to the church. What are your thoughts and beliefs about stewardship? A quic...
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A Fond Farewell to Bev Gray, Chief Wednesday Night Cook

Thank you to Bev Gray, who has headed up the kitchen for the Wednesday night FL!P dinners for the last few years. Bev has gotten a new job and will no longer be able to help on Wednesday evenings. January 15 will be her final Wednesday, and she is making homemade pizza. You won't want to miss it! Jessica Potts (Dir. of Youth and Young Adult Ministr...
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Pr. Kathy's Book Club reading "Educated: A Memior" for Wednesday, February 5

10:00-11:15a  Hazel Dell campus  Pr. Kathy facilitates stimulating conversation among Messiah's book club participants each month, always drawing upon overarching themes from various storylines in each book. She also provides a theological perspective. Lack of discussion is never a problem as everyone has the opportunity to contribute. Re...
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Year-end Giving at Messiah

Messiah is a community that worships and welcomes passionately, teaches and engages faithfully, serves generously, and comforts compassionately. "We are what he has made us," a growing, giving, and grateful people created in Jesus Christ for good works (Eph. 2:10). Your financial support of Messiah's ministries is an important way that you share in...
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Pr. Lenny Duncan accepts call to servce as Messiah's Mission Developer Pastor

It is with great gratitude and joy that the Church Leadership Team announces that Pr. Lenny Duncan has accepted the call of Messiah Lutheran Church to serve as our Mission Developer Pastor. Pr. Duncan will begin his work at Messiah on February 1, 2020. Please keep Pr. Duncan, his family, and the people of his current congregation, Jehu's Table in B...
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"Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White" – Winter Adult Class

Staring this January 8, Pr. Peter and Intern Pastor Taran's Adult Bible Class (and Pr. Duncan when he arrives) will engage in a 7-week study based on the book Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White by Adam Hamilton. Sessions will be at 10:00-11:30a and 6:35-7:30p each Wednesday, January 8–February 19 at the Hazel Dell campus. Books for the ...
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Giving to Messiah

by Doug Ruecker, Financial Secretary |  As the Financial Secretary at Messiah congregation, I am responsible for monitoring, tracking, and recording the financial gifts that the congregation receives and the tuition and fees the Preschool collects. I would like to take a few moments of your time to share some observations about our giving patt...
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Comfort and Hope Service, Tuesday, Dec. 17 at 7:00p

Decorations, Christmas carols, the empty chair at the table often serve to remind those in grief of the loved ones who will not be with them for the holidays, creating great sadness in the midst of others' who are celebrating. It is common among those who have lost a spouse, a parent, a child, or a close friend, to even dread the holidays. Mes...
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Family Advent Fun for All - Sunday, Dec. 1 at 11:00am

11a (following worship) in the Hazel Dell campus gym |  No Godly Play December 1st. Families are encouraged to worship together at the 9:45a service where children are always welcome at the 'Pray Area' in the front of the sanctuary. The Family Advent Event will begin immediately after worship. Come celebrate the b...
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Church Leadership Team announces a Special Meeting of the Congregation to Vote on a Call to a Mission Developer Pastor

Read the Candidate's Biographical Profile here | Read the Mission Candidate's Proposal here | The Church Leadership Team of Messiah Lutheran Church is pleased to announce that it is recommending a candidate for Call to the congregation for the position of Mission Developer Pastor. It has scheduled a Special Meeting of the Congregatio...
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Ladies' Night Out this Friday, Nov. 22 at 5:30p

Liz Bailey and Tiffany Brogan invite you to Ladie's Night Out at the Pacific House in Vancouver. The restaurant is known for its regionally inspired menu and decor. Ladies' Night Out is an extension of Messiah's Women's Breakfast Club. The breakfast club meets on the final Friday of each month at 9:00a. The group has been rotating through a variety...
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Winter Hospitality Overflow (WHO) 2019-20 - An Opportunity to Serve

There are two Lutheran churches in Vancouver that provide overnight shelter for the homeless that cannot fit into another shelter. They are St. Paul Lutheran Church in downtown Vancouver, which takes only men and St Andrew Lutheran Church in Orchards that accepts single women and families of mixed genders. These facilities are staffed by volun...
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Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Grp to study "Microaggressions in Ministry" starting Nov. 26

Pr. Peter invites you to a new 8-week study of Microaggressions in Ministry: Confronting the Hidden Violence of Everyday Church by Cody Sanders and Angela Yarber. The study will start November 26 in the weekly Tuesday Morning Prayer Breakfast Small Group. The group meets at 6:00a at Panera Bread Company on Highway 99 in Hazel Dell. Facilitated by P...
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2020 Summer Intern Program for College Students is Underway

Messiah is again providing two, full-time internships for college students this coming summer. Pastors Peter and Kathy and Pastoral Intern Taran will serve as their mentors. This 10 to 12-week summer internship is characterized as a "full-immersion" experience into the daily life of Messiah's dynamic, active, and adaptive congregation. Th...
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You Are God’s Mosaic

by Jessica Potts, Dir. of Youth and Young Adult Ministries |  The One Mile Mission Statement is "That every child age 0 – 18 living or attending school within one mile of Messiah Lutheran Church campuses would have everything that they need to learn and thrive." To thrive means to grow, develop, or be successful. It means to prosper and flouri...
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Thanksgiving Eve Worship and Pie Fest - 6:00p

Start your holiday by giving thanks to the Giver of all good gifts and enjoy delicious pie immediately after the service. Delight in a foretaste of the feast to come! Not required, but you are invited to bring your favorite pie (pre-cut) to share. The Pie Fest is hosted by Messiah's youth in the Lower Level Dining Hall. Everyone welcome!
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Seeds of Faith - Money that Matters

​by Janet Borst - How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help? – 1 John 3:17 |  This is a complicated world. It's often difficult to know who really needs help and who might be "milking the system." While there are those among us who can freely give without r...
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Reflections on Seeds of Faith

Janet Borst reflects on the arc of her life and the seeds that took root. | He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. – 2 Cor. 9:10 I often wonder how and why I have been granted the gift of faith. My mother believed in God, but not religio...
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Women's Breakfast Club brings Women Together

Next meeting - Friday, Dec. 27   Facilitators: Liz Bailey and ​Tiffany Brogan​   Come to recharge and get a little "me time"!  relax with coffee, tea or mimosas.  Let us know if you can make it and we'll save room.  No worries if it is last minute though, we would love to see you and hear about...
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Treat Street 2019 is this Wednesday

6:00-7:00p | October 30 | Hazel Dell Campus  No Wednesday Worship Service the night of Treat Street   All children 5th grade and under, and all Messiah Preschool households are invited to this super-fun annual event. Games, crafts, snacks and trick-or-treating in Messiah's classrooms all led by the middle school a...
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"'Yes.' Your Legacy Matters" seminars to dovetail with Messiah's ongoing stewardship theme

Your passion … your plan … your gift for those you love … and for God's work in the world!  You are invited to consider another way to say 'yes' by exploring how you can make a difference to ministry locally and globally, now and/or in the future through legacy giving. Consider attending any of three remaining Messiah hosted seminars...
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First Impressions

by Intern Pr. Taran | Here it is! |  "How long have you been at Messiah Lutheran Church? What drew you to Messiah?" Those have been my two greeting questions as I meet and greet so many of you for the first time. As you can imagine, the answers to both of those questions are incredibly diverse. The length of time folks have been at M...
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Women's Breakfast Club first meeting this Friday, Sept. 27 at 9:00a

Facilitator: Liz Bailey | Participants: Women | Day & Time: Once-a-month breakfast group meeting the last Friday of every month at 9:00a with Ladies Night Out happening quarterly. Location for ​Sept. 27:​ Syrup Trap1104 Main St, Suite 111, Vancouver, WA This is a once-a-month group for women that meets for breakfast at ...
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Hiking Group takes on Larch Mtn. Crater Trail - Wednesday, Sept. 18

Messiah's new midweek hiking group explore challenging trails in Washington and Oregon. Its next hike will be the Larch Mountain Crater trail on Wednesday, September 18. The trek also include a post-hike stop for refreshments at a suitable pub. The group makes its treks on the third Wednesday of the mont...
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Summer Survey Results

by Julie Bracken, Minister of Welcome and Hospitality  |   Thank you to the 81 responders to our recent survey. The results are in, and the experiment was a summer hit! What did we like the best? "Coffee and Italian sodas at the bistro tables and children in the sanctuary." The average response to the question of the service provided...
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No Worries Adult Bible Study: A Survey of the Gospel of Matthew

Wednesdays, thru Nov. 20 | 10:00-11:30a and 6:35-7:30p | Hazel Dell Campus | Led by Pr. Peter and Intern Pr. Taran These are anxious times—read any news feed or watch any news broadcast. What might we take from the Gospel where Jesus says five times, "Do not worry?" Pr. Peter and Intern Pastor will lead a survey of Matthew's bes...
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Falling for Fall

a blog by Liz Bailey, Co-Lead Dir. of Children's and Family Ministries |  As I sit down to write this, I have many feelings in my heart. Most of these feelings are familiar and positive because this season is so comforting and nostalgic. But there are also feelings of anxiety and anticipation of change and the unknown. This is part o...
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Ministry Showcase: Time for Messiah to Shine

Sept. 8  |  11:00a  |  Hazel Dell Campus An opportunity for everyone to learn about all of Messiah's programs and ministries at an all-congregation BBQ after worship. Everyone welcome. You are invited to attend Messiah's Ministry Showcase Sunday September, 8th at 11a (following our 9:45a service). This is a BBQ to...
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6:00p Wednesday Worship - a popular choice for many

An ideal option for those who may miss weekend worship due to work, other commitments, or travel plans Messiah has introduced a new 30-minute midweek worship service to its schedule of weekly worship opportunities. The new service is from 6:00-6:30p, which dovetails nicely with other Faith Life in Progress (FL!P) activities on Wednes...
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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I recently read about a training session where the facilitator asked participants to identify the item they had with them at that moment that was most precious to them and asked them to place it on the table in front of them. Many people chose a wedding or engagement ring, other jewelry, or a picture of a loved one. The facilitator then explained t...
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"Re-counting" VBS

Storyteller, humorist, and Messiah member Kathy Hoffman "re-counts" her 2019 VBS experience in journal form.    Glory to God Who is able to do far beyond all that we could ask or imagine by God's power at work within us. Day 1 – Go beyond with Faith – Daniel in the Lion's DenThe Tall Assistant looks at her clipboard. It was the ...
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Singers, Ringers, and Instrumentalists Welcome Back Party - Wednesday, August 28

Everyone is invited for David Teeter's final two-month season of directing before he retires. Don't miss this opportunity to sing, ring, blow, or bow with the talented Mr. Teeter. What: Musicians' Welcome Party Where: Rob and Cathy Ramer's home 1702 NW 109th St, Vancouver, WA  360.573.7162 When: Wednesday, August 28, 7:00-8:30p Bring...
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Pastoral Intern Joel's final weekend has come

Joel's farewell weekend is August 10-11 at the Hazel Dell campus. He and his family are headed to Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Overland Park, KS, where he will serve as full-time mission developer at the congregation's second campus. This WeekendIt is customary for congregations hosting pastoral interns to offer an opportunity to give a ...
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Changing the Light

A farewell post from pastoral intern Joel Hinck |  When Liz Bailey (Messiah's fantastic Co-Director of Children's and Family Ministries) ends a Godly Play session, she puts out a candle that has been burning the whole time and says something quite striking. Instead of telling the children that she is "putting out" the candle, she tells them th...
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Meet Charles Reinmuth - Messiah's next full-time director for worship, music, and technology

The Church Leadership Team and pastors are pleased to announce that Charles Reinmuth has accepted their invitation to succeed David Teeter as Messiah's Director of Worship and Music (0.8 FTE) and Director of Information Technologies (0.2 FTE). From now through December, Charles will only be accompanying worship on the weekends at the Hazel Del...
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