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See You Soon

Good-byes are really not my thing.Whether ending a backpacking trip, a year-long internship, or even just an airplane ride sitting next to a stranger, when it comes to good-byes, it doesn′t get much worse than me. Some people turn into a crying mess, some write lengthy and meaningful letters, while others just escape out the back door. I, however, just stand there like a robot: no tears, no beautiful words, no honoring the past while stepping forward into a new horizon... just pure robotic awkwardness. Instead of sharing in a good cry or letting someone know their importance in my life, I stand there wondering what to do with my face. Should I smile or should I try to get some tears to come out? I know, not good...This aversion to good-byes has not served me well recently. In the past three years alone, I have had to say good-bye to...
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