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Anticipating the Start of a New School Year

Joyce Handran, Messiah Preschool Director
The scent of a fresh box of crayons, newly-sharpened pencils, the "whoosh" of school bus doors opening, children laughing and greeting one another after the summer break, school bells ringing, playground whistles blowing, lunchbox notes from home, meeting new classmates ... For a number of us, these signs and sounds represent one thing, the start of a new school year. When you are a part of the education profession, these signs continue to stir up certain feelings and memories that, for many, last into retirement. Like my grandmother, a retired kindergarten teacher, approached the age of 100, she still missed not being a part of the excitement that beginning a new school year always brought her.

When we enter a new season, we have no idea what the journey ahead will bring or where we will end up. As a part of the preschool ministry at Messiah, we know that each year will bring its share of successes and challenges. Observing a shy child gain the confidence to voice his needs to a classmate or teacher, watching two students negotiate taking turns with a toy, listening to shouts of triumph as a child masters riding a two-wheeler...what a joy it is to celebrate the many successes of our students. At the same time, how rewarding it is to work together with our preschool families, problem-solving the challenges which are sure to come our way. Before we know it, we will be at the school year's end looking back on the journey we traveled together. The key is that we traveled it together.

So, as September approaches, we at Messiah Preschool heartily embrace the start of the new school year, thankful to be once again granted the privilege to serve those whom God has seen fit to bring our way. And in so doing, "[To] partner with families in teaching each student God's love, in creating a foundation for a lifetime of learning, and in developing caring, confident children" (from Messiah Lutheran Preschool's Mission Statement). 

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