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An Introduction to Messiah's three-month Discernment Process

A Message from the members of the Church Leadership Team (CLT)  |  

(Updated (02.10.2017) with meeting dates for all members of the congregation. See below.)

Dear Fellow Messiah Members, 

You may already be aware that the Church Leadership Team (CLT) is entering a discernment process about whether to move toward a dedicated Messiah location in northern Clark County. We want to share why we are compelled to enter this discernment process and how we hope you, too, will participate.

We know that God has a purpose and mission for Messiah in God's reconciling work in the world. But more specifically, we want to discern how God is calling us next to do this work in North County. To facilitate this, we are entering a time for prayer (including communal and daily prayer in which every member of Messiah can participate), for gathering information, and for sharing what we are hearing as the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts and our minds over the next three months.

During this time, there will be multiple opportunities for you to learn what is happening and to have a voice in the process, in both special meetings and online. Please watch for announcements from Greg Rhodes, our North County Project Manager, for how to participate in these opportunities. His contact information can also be found at the bottom of this letter.

We already know that the Ridgefield area is the fastest growing in our state. We also continue to be encouraged by our synod to move forward in entrepreneurial ways with making a church plant there. We, and the ELCA, both recognize that Ridgefield is prime for the presence of a distinctly Lutheran community gathering around Word and Sacrament. This same area is critically underserved as it pertains to preschools—a ministry at which we have proven to be proficient and to which we have committed ourselves in our "every child" mission. We also wonder about the benefits and opportunities to both Messiah and  the ELCA of learning and leaning into how to be and do church in a new era.

Messiah has been worshipping in northern Clark County for six and a half years. God moved our congregation to start this enterprise and then supplied us with Lynda Laird to coordinate and establish an outpost in Ridgefield, brought Timothy Siburg to help refresh our vision for North County, and moved us again to call Greg Rhodes to help guide us into our next thoughtful steps. And along the way Tracy Neuhauser has served to keep our Sunday experience organized and welcoming.

We are excited about this period of discernment and about the mission of Messiah. We are grateful to God for those who have gone before us to make our current ministry possible. We trust in God's guidance and provision for Messiah moving forward.

May we all be faithful stewards of the mission God presents to us as we listen and respond.


Your Church Leadership Team
Janette Anderson        Beth Ludvigsen         Larry Pedersen
Kris Ann Bial               Joe Marvin                Doug Ruecker
Ron Klump                  Mike Odren               Kathy Braafladt
Shari King                   Mel Ott                     Peter Braafladt

Contact information for Greg Rhodes, North County Project Manager:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Congregational Input Meetings

Sunday, March 5, 11:15am-12:30pm - Hazel Dell Fellowship Hall
Saturday, March 11, 9:00-11:00am - Hazel Dell Fellowship Hall
Tuesday, March 28, 6:30-8:00pm - Hazel Dell Fellowship Hall

Youth Ensemble Begins Sunday, March 5
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