Children & Youth

All children are encouraged to experience the joy of music! Come participate in these opportunities at the Hazel Dell campus during FL!P—Faith Life in Progress. FL!P is held on Wednesdays during the school year.

The schedule below is modified on Wednesdays during Lent (February 21–March 21)
4:15-4:45p Praise Patrol, NewSong
4:45-5:30p Godly Play (3 years to 5th grade)
5:00-5:45p Soup Supper
6:00-6:30p Worship
6:30-7:00p Service projects and creative time for all ages
6:30-7:00p Quiet prayer time in Prayer Chapel
7:00-8:30p Messiah Worship Choir
Sundays during Lent 8:30-9:40a Youth Ensemble
Lent FL!P Schedule

Praise Patrol

Young children experience dance, song, and rhythm at an age when these gifts most need to be fostered. This is a great confidence building experience for your children. The Praise Patrol′s efforts are not pointed toward performance as much as building enjoyment and a love for music. However, as music is ready, they will sing at special occasions on Sunday. Led by Holly Powers.
Ages: Three years old to grade 1 
Time: 4:45-5:15 Wednesdays during school year, rooms 205/207


A choral music expression for children that challenges them to worship the Lord through their voices while teaching music reading basics. As music is ready, they will sing at special occasions on Sunday. David Teeter leads.
Ages: Grades 2 to 5
Time: 4:00-4:30, Wednesdays during school year, sanctuary


A fun “hands on” activity for children studying various aspects of music in new and innovative ways using games, activities and crafts! Laurie Ricket leads.
Ages: Grades 2 to 5
Time: 4:35-5:15, Wednesdays during school year, gym

Pax Christi

An exciting worship singing experience led by David Teeter. You will want to be a part of this! We will be concentrating on building choral/vocal skills, singing of harmony, while learning new songs of praise and worship. We will add other instruments, guitar and percussion to a new Messiah contemporary worship service. Come experience the ″Peace of Christ″ with your friends.
Ages: Grades 6 through high school
Time: 4:45-5:15, Wednesday during the school year, sanctuary