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Guatemala Mission Team is inspired to serve

An update from Vicki Taylor-Roskopf, adult sponsor  
August 1, 2016  

Nothing could have prepared our group for what we have experienced thus far. The warm hospitality and community greetings have been humbling. As we walked on a dirt road to enter their village, several people met us with bouquets, balloons and banners welcoming Messiah Lutheran Church. They also presented us with walking sticks. All while standing in the pouring down rain!

We walked into the village and the balance of the community was there to greet us playing music. We made introductions, listened to music, danced (a bit), ate lunch, gave soccer balls and bubbles to the kids as preparations were made to instruct us on latrine installation masonry and installing hand washing stations in homes. People welcomed us into their homes. Several youth played with the kids, teaching them the limbo and how to make grass mustaches...  they have been wonderful with the community and kids.

Our drive into the village is quite rugged. And traveling to the work-sites are challenging. Slippery when wet but we are all helping each other and the walking sticks are a blessing. The hospitality and warm welcome has been a bit overwhelming. This truly is a life changing experience. Jessica said she has never been on a mission trip like this.

Physically it is challenging but the people and MTI (Medical Teams International) are amazing. The youth have been so positive and flexible. I feel honored to be with them on this trip.

Tomorrow will be our first aggressive work day now that we have gotten instruction and have met those we are serving. If I can get cell reception at night (interrupted last night by thunder storm), I can send another update.

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