Trusting in the Not Yet Seen

Serving alongside each of you in the faith community that is Messiah Lutheran Church, its leaders, and my wife Allison this year has been a joy. That is why it has been a bit bittersweet this last week as we have packed and loaded our truck trailer. As the Nebraska Synod has called me, I will be the full-time Director for Stewardship for the synod ...
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North County Campus News: Big Things...

This past week has been full of big things. Last Sunday I had the pleasure and joy to lead worship alongside Allison at the Hazel Dell campus. I preached and shared some of the stories from North County. The worshipers there seemed excited and overjoyed to hear of the big things happening at North County and to hear of where God may be leading. If you would like to read about what I preached, you can find the sermon text on my personal blog . Though the Seahawks didn’t make it to championship weekend, there was still football last weekend. Seeing that Tom Brady and the Patriots won’t be able to be repeat champions this year provides a little solace at least. Maybe next year the Seahawks can get back to the Super Bowl, and perhaps meet Tom Brady there one more time. This year though, I am rooting for...
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North County Campus News: Some Thoughts About Identity

The Core Visioning Team that has been discerning about the current and future chapter of Messiah North County met this past week. We had a wonderful discussion on a number of topics. One of the questions that was posed was related to who and what Messiah North County is. What is the identity of Messiah North County? The new website ( ) features a wonderful video which provides a first look at this question, describing the identity and feel. But there’s more than this. One possible idea that the team considered was, is Messiah North County a Thinking Church? If so, would it be worthwhile to claim and identify as this? By being a Lutheran congregation, Messiah is a church that engages both the head and the heart. Whether Messiah North County could identify as “a Thinking Church” is an interesting question and perhaps a nice way to describe...
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North County Campus News: A Challenge, A New Website, and a New Year

A New Year Last Sunday, there was a great North County meeting before worship. North County also welcomed Daniel Ortman as the new worship team leader.  And together, North County started a new day and a new year, 2016. All of these new things, barely scratch the surface of all that is new.  A New Website North County now has its own dedicated webpage that is a part of Messiah’s website ( ). It is, like all good websites, a living thing and will change over time. But, for now, North County has its own dedicated online space. I am particularly pleased with the front of the site, and the video that welcomes anyone who visits the site. In the days and weeks ahead I hope that you visit this website, watch the video, and then share it widely. Many of North County participate and show up in this...
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North County Campus News: Baptism, Promise, and Change

Happy Epiphany! I am excited for our conversation before worship on Sunday January 10th at 9am and to share what the North County Core Visioning Team has learned so far, and to invite you into the conversation.  I am also excited because today we observe and remember the baptism of Jesus. For obvious reasons, it’s kind of a big deal. Promises are being fulfilled. Ministry is starting, and this voice from heaven (from God) comes. It’s actually quite a rare thing in the New Testament at least to hear from heaven and God directly. This means something important is happening and to take note. “...when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, ‘You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.’” - Luke...
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